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May 6, 2013
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Penacook Village Association
Business and Events Committee
May 6, 2013, 6:30 pm
Penacook Community Center

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Attendance: Bruce Crawford, Lynne Raleigh, Pat Harbour, Kathy Bush, Teri Maxwell, Ray Miner

Tom Chapin Concert:

  • Program:
    • Sample provided by Teri Maxwell
    • Add list of PVA members; support construction-affected businesses, map to market, vendor/farmers
  • Tickets
    • Need count for chorus and PCC families (parents plus child)
    • Sponsor count
    • Local business distribution locations
    • Ray will design tickets
  • Posters - Ray to make sample on TC provided
  • No refreshments to be served
  • Lobby and seating
    • Need volunteers
      • Teri Maxwell will contact MVHS about community service
      • Counters, ticket takers, general crowd control
    • Banners and LCD projection for sponsors
    • Kathy will generate/coordinate song list with Chapin organization

Farmers Market:

  • No information available
  • Tote bags were ordered and in transit
    • Pricing: $2

Next Meeting: May 20 at 6:30

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