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February 21 , 2013
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Penacook Village Association
Business and Events Committee
Thursday, February 21, 2013
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Rolfe House


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Attendees: Bruce Crawford, Elaine Clow, Steve Shurtleff, Pat Harbour, Ray Miner, Kathy Bush, Brent Todd, Teri Maxwell, Lynne Raleigh

1. Called to Order by Brent Todd. Introductions completed.

2. Meeting minutes for January 3, 2013 were approved and are available on the website.

3. Tom Chapin concert: review of ticket options and donor solicitation

  • Possible ticketing tracking via web
       • www.brownpapertickets.com/ (service charges for ticket purchaser)
       • www.eventbrite.com/ (no service charge)
  • Could release only partial ticket amount with online service, hold tickets in reserve for sponsors, make some tickets available at select merchants/locations
  • Seats not filled by a specified time (not yet determined) before performance could be filled with non-ticket holders
  • Final cover letter and options for sponsors and advertisers with Kathy’s signature will be distributed.
       • To previously assigned sponsors
       • To a subset of village businesses and PVA business members
       • First Colebrook Bank is our first $250 sponsor

4. Farmers Market: advertising, volunteers, other needs

  • Sample shopping bags were discussed. The sturdiest sample costs $1.39 (minimum order 100) with a $50 one time setup fee.
  • Multiple sizes, color choices, logo options and wording will be investigated further discussion at the next meeting.
  • Pricing also to be determined.

5. Tannery site development update per Matt Walsh’s February 16, 2013 presentation are available on the website.

6. Route 3 Construction: City Council to hear public testimony during March 11, 2013 meeting at 7:00.

  • Brent will draft an official PVA statement covering the bridge, buried cables, and resurfacing.
  • Ray will present the statement at the council meeting.
  • Earmarking part of the Concord 20/20 funds to support merchants during construction was discussed.

7. Business/membership rates:

  • Increasing general membership dues should be considered by the Board.
  • Business rates needs further discussion and put in place in 2014.

8. Next Business Committee meeting:

  • Second Thursday meeting schedule was changed to second Wednesday.
  • Next meeting: March 13, 2013, at 6:30 at the Rolfe House
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