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January 3, 2013
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Penacook Village Association
Business and Events Committee
Thursday, January 3, 2013
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Location: Kings Barber Shop, Village St., Penacook


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1) Welcome/Introductions

Brent Todd called the meeting to order. He thanked Andy Turgeon for donating his shop for the meeting space, and George Blatsis of Chief’s Restaurant for donating the pizzas.

Attendees:Kathy Bush, Ed Bush, Ralph Harwood, Teri Maxwell, Steve Shurtleff, Pat Harbour, Brian Adams, Andy Turgeon, Glenn Geiger, Deitz Heins, Deb Andrews, Ellen Langlais, Peter Brankman, Jeff Chaplain, Liz Chaplain, Rebecca Stephens, George Blatsis, Brent Todd, Ed Roberge (City of Concord)

2) Redesign of Village Street/Route 3 corridor improvements
There was significant group discussion on all the issues presented below.

a. Construction Timeline
Ed Roberge indicated the contractor and city will conduct a public meeting to discuss the timeline of construction. The estimated time to complete construction work in the downtown core area is approximately two months. The work is usually done in 1000 foot increments, then traffic will drive on dirt and gravel while the next section is worked on.

b. Business Interruption mitigation: Accessibility to businesses, Sidewalk construction/diversions, Day/night construction.
Scheduling work in the downtown area between 3 to 11pm or 4 to 12pm will be considered. The city will email a weekly/biweekly schedule to all interested parties to communicate where the construction crews will be working during an upcoming two-week period. One side of the road will be worked on at a time, allowing one traffic lane and on street parking throughout the construction project. The construction staging will not be in a public area, and will likely be at a site such as the Tannery lot

c. Traffic Delay mitigation: Traffic Diversion during construction, culvert locations and impacts
Ed Roberge said there are no immediate plans to divert traffic, but City Engineering will review as necessary. The city will consider temporary stop signs along Community Drive to slow any traffic that diverts around the construction site. They may change some one-way streets to two-way on a temporary basis, to allow traffic to flow better.

d. Parking Issues and potential Langlais Vacant Lot Development
Ed Roberge reported the city has reconfigured the road to reduce the number of lost parking spaces to about 10. The general consensus of attendees is that it’s too expensive to create temporary/permanent parking lots to handle lost spaces on Village Street; vacant lots could be developed for better use in the future.

e. Cost estimate and Funding sources associated with underground utilities from Bridge to Washington Street
Ed Roberge indicated underground utilities are being considered for Village Street from the bridge to 200 feet beyond Washington Street. The cost is estimated to be $1 million. Moving utilities underground could require additional construction time, up to one year, but this continued period of construction would not be heavy or disruptive. There are six utilities that the City needs to coordinate with to finalize a plan for underground wiring.

f. Bridge work as required, and costs estimate
The bridge work is estimated at $300,000, and is not part of the original total project cost estimate of $2.1 million. The group consensus was that utility work was preferred over bridge work.

g. Streetscape Elements
The city is considering concrete sidewalks with a brick edging. Sidewalk areas will be open during road construction to allow passage into businesses. Better street lighting configurations will make crosswalks and intersections safer. Ed Roberge will be providing the opinions of those who attended the previous charette as to preferences for streetscape elements at the January 5th meeting at Merrimack Valley High School.

h. Potential total costs of project and tax implications
Ed Roberge stated he would try to have some estimates on hand for the January 5th meeting. The total project price is still being revised.

3) Review of talking points of meeting to create summary of opinions
A hand vote showed eight in favor of a roundabout at Washington St., and four in favor of a traffic light. There were five abstentions. Ed Roberge will present findings to the City Council on January 14, and the City Council will vote on the project direction after the hearing is opened up for public input. Depending upon the outcome of this vote, there may then be scheduled another public hearing on a funding allocation for the project at the City Council meeting in March.

4) Future Committee Meetings: 2nd Thursday of the month, 6:30pm, Rolfe House or location TBD

5) Adjournment
Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:40 pm.

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