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February 9, 2012
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Attendance: Mike Cotton, Brent Todd, Teri Maxwell, Lynne Raleigh

Brochure: Brent reviewed the current brochure to reduce text and redesign as a 3-panel brochure reducing the cost considerably. Mike will incorporate changes and determine size and space gained.

Banner: Mike will order a 3x8 banner for $48 plus $32 S/H
The graphic of Boudreau Square was enhanced and website added
2-2 ½ weeks for delivery

Cost for business memberships:

  • $25 - web listing with business logo
  • Web listing with business logo, banner board, membership cards for employees offering discounts
    • $50 (1-10 employees)
    • $150 (11-50 employees)
    • $250 (51+ employees)
Consider a Battle of Bands in April to promote community involvement. Mike Cotton will contact PCC as venue. Talent show of bands and singers. Pizza and soda sales.

Magic Lantern Show: Will try to schedule October 26 with a Halloween theme. Venue: MVHS auditorium. Admission with PVA sponsorship and other possible sponsors. Bake sale. Purpose to increase name recognition and attract new people to PVA.

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