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August 11, 2011
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Business Subcommittee Meeting notes – August 11, 2011

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1. Discuss possible uses of Concord 2020 donation.

A Fix up retaining wall as you approach downtown from the south. Cleanup brush and plant with attractive shrubs, trees, flowers.

B Weeds in downtown Penacook detract from the business district.

C Talk with landlords to get them to fix issues – weeds in sidewalks, seed trees between buildings. Landlords need to show pride in downtown to achieve a long term change.

2. Build Business Membership

A Recruitment - Jennifer Kretovic and Ray Miner agreed to visit local businesses/landlords to discuss PVA & our attempt to revitalize downtown Penacook.

B Get feedback from business owners and landlords.

C Seek businesses list/contacts/other assistance from Chamber of Commerce.

D Prepare additional invitations to regularly scheduled Business Subcommittee meetings.
Perhaps plan a pizza party for business owners/landlords to gather and exchange information.

E Create PVA member discount card for use at local businesses.

3. Pilot Program

A Help local landlords with empty storefronts find reliable/viable businesses to rent spaces.

B Ray Miner and other volunteers would review prospective businesses plans for viability.

C Help match available space to appropriate prospect to minimize competition.

D Pilot project for business incubator space with the Langlais Family/Penacook Pharmacy Building; current members and PVA supporters.

E Work only with PVA Business members to match new businesses with available space.

4. General

A Next Business Subcommittee meeting set for Thurs 9/15 at 6:30 pm in Rolfe House.

B Thanks to Mike Cotton for chairing the 8/11 meeting.

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