PVA Home Board Meeting: March 22, 2017
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Penacook Village Association
Board of Directors
March 22, 2017
Rolfe House, 11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH 03303


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Attending: Brent Todd, Al Brack, Deb Newell, Lynne Raleigh

  1. Financials – Treasurers report
    1. Received $3500 from the City
    2. Current reserve accounts may need to be reallocated
      1. A motion was made and carried to: Move the library support fund of $2500 to the general operating fund
      2. People will be contacted and asked if they are willing to have the Reward fund shifted to other projects
  2. Gazebo update.
    1. Joe Spain has brackets and other decorative items to install to complete his work
    2. Brick order still needs to be finalized.
      1. Purchase thank you bricks for Joe Spain, Jason LaCombe, and brick contactor
    3. Matt Mckerley bid
      1. Walkway cost: $1800
      2. Patio cost: $$3700 (discounted to $2800 to be confirmed)
      3. Total costs: $4600 (to be confirmed)
    4. Al will solicit other bids for the brick patio and walkway.
    5. Bob Gabrielle and Dave Duhamel have asked to landscape Poulin Park
    6. Bids for the steel benches will be sought from L.A.D and Smith
  3. Banners
    1. Al will work with Kathy to set up a work crew and a work date to hang spring banners
    2. Discussed bringing in a PVA member to oversee the Banner Program and meet with local area businesses.
    3. Al will confirm the following issues and get any necessary background for this program from Kathy
      1. Number of poles
      2. Number banner arms.
      3. List of businesses who are on waiting list?
  4. Miscellaneous items discussed
    1. Back Pack program
    2. Membership list for all those who have paid.
    3. New members and others who have expressed interest in being involved.
    4. Expanded use of website and Facebook
To involve citizens in enhancing the quality of life, protecting the historic character, and fostering economic vitality in Penacook Village.
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