PVA Home Board Meeting: July 18, 2016
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Calendar of Events
Past, Present, Future

Penacook Village Association
Board of Directors
July 18, 2016 at 6:00 pm
Rolfe House, 11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH 03303


Word Version

  1. Members, Engaging Members, Membership Lists
    1. Need face-to-face engagement and specific requests for volunteers
    2. Need listing of key projects and breakdown of tasks for each
      1. Farmers Market
      2. Gazebo
      3. Tree Lighting
      4. Barrels
      5. Banners
    3. Teri asked to send 2016 membership list to Lynne
               Update: Received 8/2/16
  2. Farmers Market rack cards
    1. $555 for flyer and rack card mailing
      1. Mailing cost was less than $.09 per card
      2. Additional printer’s charges $16.  Board in agreement for expenditure.
    2. Additional card distribution: Kathy (Chamber), Althea (Village), Al, Lynne (Food pantries)
    3. Motion to mail additional cards to PVA mailing list.  Approximate cost $12.  Approved.
  3. Sign-up to greet at Farmers Market
    1. Not discussed; sign-up sheet passed around
  4. Flower Barrels
    1. Not discussed
  5. Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce Membership
    1. Check cut and ready for delivery
  6. Liability and Directors & Officers Insurance
    1. Not discussed
  7. Treasurer’s Report; 2016 Budget
    1. Kathy will request Annual Brunch invoice from MVSD for 2016
      Update: Email subsequently sent
    2. Lack of budget; not discussed
  8. Friends of Poulin Park Gazebo, Brick Orders and Adopt-A-Spot
    1. Not discussed
  9. Banner Policy
    1. Banner Subcommittee: Al, Steve, Brent, Teri
    2. Brent will confirm banner issues with City
    3. Guidelines
      1. Limit one banner per business or organization
      2. Suggested donation for rehanging: $25 for 6 month period
    4. Kathy will send list of potential new banners to Al and Brent
    5. Kathy will send order form file to Teri

Update: Several banner-related files have been provided to all Board members

Future Plans Listed on Agenda: Not Discussed
            Recruit new Board members
            Meet the Candidates
            Tree Lighting 
            Egg Hunt
            Safe Routes to School, Pedestrian Master Plan, a walkable Village
            Publicizing Penacook (“Brochure”)
                     Update:  Brent emailed last known edited text to Lynne
                                    Lynne created 2 sample Publisher versions with existing pictures
                                                (3-column and 4-column)
Text reduced to allow for addition of membership form.
                                    Suggestion: Clearer, more interesting pictures
Next Board Meeting:  August 15, 6:00 pm at Rolfe House

Next General Meeting:  September 24, 9 am to 11 am
  Location: Penacook Elementary School, Cafeteria
  Speaker: James Vara, states Director of Substance Abuse
  Topic:  NH's opioid epidemic
  Steve will also invite Police Chief, Brad Osgood and Fire Chief, Dan Andrus


To involve citizens in enhancing the quality of life, protecting the historic character, and fostering economic vitality in Penacook Village.
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