PVA Home Board Meeting: March 16 & 28, 2016
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Penacook Village Association
Board of Directors
March 16 and 28, 2016
Rolfe House, 11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH 03303


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Farmers Market
The board discussed changes to the fees being charged to vendors which is currently at $75. It was agreed to keep the fees the same at this time until the venue changes. Rick Jacques advised the Historical Society would agree to contribute to the music fund. Hours of operation will continue from 4:00 to 6:30 pm and will begin the Monday after Memorial Day (June 6) through August 29 for a total of 12 market days.

Election of Officers
Al Brack was nominated for Vice President, Lynne Raleigh for Secretary, Teri Maxwell for Treasurer. Motion to nominate was passed unanimously.

Treasurers Report
The Treasurer’s report was read and reviewed funding for the Farmers Market and advertising. Funding for music at the Farmers Market will be reduced to $700 due to the sharing with the Historical Society.

The board discussed buying new banners for the summer season for four new businesses to include Brack Insurance, Contoocook River Canoe Co, Capitol Alarm Systems and pranaSTRONG yoga & wellness. The addition of using additional poles along Village Street between Coral Street and Beede Drive was discussed to allow for more banners. An option to move the Penacook Historical Society and Farmers Market banners further south was mentioned as there are not enough poles along the downtown area as well as limiting each business to one banner. Chip Chelsey, Director of General Services had been contacted about hanging business sponsored banners and Jim Major the Highway and Utilities Superintendent will advise the cost to run power to those poles. Al Brack is obtaining quotes to purchase new banners from a local merchant.

Poulin Park Gazebo
Teri provided an updated on the Poulin Park Gazebo funding. Funding is at $10,879 which includes money to have the bricks printed. Cost for the printing of the bricks is estimated at $1,250 which leaves $9,629 and does not include $3,500 expected from the city funds. Joe Spain has been asked to provide an updated project quote. Brent is contacting Ray Minor regarding the turnaround time for engraving the bricks. It was decided to continue with Brick orders with the option of engraving three names on a brick. Spring construction may be just around the corner.

Flower Barrels
Teri will provide Al with a list of businesses to solicit that purchased Flower Barrels this past year. It was decided to approach those businesses first as many businesses have already purchased a banner or brick and it was not recommended to ask those businesses to incur additional financial burden. Dave Murray, who popped into the meeting, will be providing barrels at $45 each and recommended that some barrels may need to be replaced at an additional cost of $38 each. Businesses that sponsor a barrel must commit to watering them regularly, 4 gallons every day.

To involve citizens in enhancing the quality of life, protecting the historic character, and fostering economic vitality in Penacook Village.
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