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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2015

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Kathy Bush, Ray Miner, Bill Smith, Teri Maxwell, Paula Miner, Ed Bush, Jack Shields
Regrets: Brent Todd
Meeting brought to order at 6:40 PM @ Penacook Elementary School library.

Penacook Vision Plan
The Board discussed whether someone should attend the zoning meeting Penacook Vision Plan. Teri volunteered to go if she is available.

Poulin Park Gazebo
Bill gave an update on the gazebo. NH Charitable Foundation has contacted Bill and informed us that there is a challenge grant of $1700.00 available for the construction of the gazebo. Dollar for dollar matching funds can include proceeds from our brick sales and any other cash contribution. Bill and Teri are completing some financial forms for the Foundation.
Jason LaComb is the architect who is donating his services in the design of the gazebo.
Materials costs are estimated to be between $3500 to $5000, Bill anticipates getting material at a deep discount or perhaps free. More details to follow. We may have the gazebo up by Memorial Day although that is pushing it hard.

Farmer’s Market
Rick Jaques has two surveys to use for this year’s market. The survey for vendors will include an application to sell at the market, both to be sent by mail, with follow up by Rick with a phone call. The other survey is for the public and will be sent to local residents by bulk mail. Vote to expend funds was taken, motion passed.
Kathy will volunteer to arrange entertainment; a brief clarification of the amount reserved for this budget item ensued.
Ray made a motion to transfer $500.00 from Business Development Fund to the Farmer’s Market. Bill seconded, motion passed.

Downtown Banners, Flower Barrels and American Flags
The Board discussed buying new banners for the summer season. Members would like to have businesses participate by sponsoring a banner and having their business name attached to the banner. Cost of a banner to be $125.00. There is not much time left for marketing before we would want the banners up.
Flower barrels are provided by Dave Murray at $45.00 per barrel, businesses sponsor barrels and agree to water them regularly.
The Board discussed the financial burden on businesses if we were to approach them for a banner, a barrel and a brick contribution for the gazebo. Some businesses have been stretched by the construction.
Ray will speak with Dave Newell about American flags for the poles. Not all poles can accommodate flags. We would like to have more flags and flag brackets to make a more pleasing appearance of the flags flanking both sides of the road and around the roundabout.
Paula made a motion to delay purchasing additional banners and just go with barrels and flags this year. Jack seconded, motion passed.

Concord 250
We need an historical display for the August 23rd Farmer’s Markets (I don’t think this is correct, can somebody help me here?)

Market Days are June 25, 26 and 27th, we need to man a booth for a few hours a day to sell Farmer’s Market tote bags. Table would be set up on a side street.
Treasurer was authorized to pay fees for our website.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Jack Shields

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