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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2015

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Kathy Bush, Ray Miner, Bill Smith, Teri Maxwell, Brent Todd, Jack Shields

Thank You Letter
Kathy opened the meeting by requesting a letter of thanks to the City Councilors and Staff for the improvements made to downtown Penacook. Especially noted was the effort and time required in planning and execution with the community. Teri has volunteered to write this letter on behalf of the Board.

Election of Executive Officers
Bill Smith and Jack Shields were nominated for the positions of Vice President and Secretary respectively. Motion to nominate by Ray and seconded by Kathy, motion passed.

Working Meeting to Discuss 2015 budget
All items reviewed and adjusted, including a PVA donation to Poulin Park, banner sponsorship, farmer’s market, etc. Bill Smith gave a short update on park donations, bricks, and progress on designing and building the gazebo. Some items still remain to be resolved so a vote to accept the budget was not taken. Budget to be discussed at next meeting.

Concord 250
Discussion of PVA participation in Concord 250 plans and Memorial Day weekend events. Brent brought attention to an effort by Althea Barton to bring the Wildcat Regiment to Penacook and Concord to play Civil War era music on period instruments. A “Penacook History Tour with John Brookfield” film (produced by A. Barton) will be shown by the Penacook Historical Society 3/19/15 at 6 PM, part of Concord 250’s “Concord Chat” series.
Ray made a motion to donate $250 to Concord 250. Bill seconded. Motion passed.

Concord Chat
Will PVA participate in Concord Chat? Discussion ensued, matter unresolved, tabled until next meeting.

Next Board Meeting
March 14 at Rolfe House. Bill Smith to preside. All hail Bill!

 Farmer’s Market
Budget discussion. Ask Rick for his budget, Kathy will follow up. We should form a committee for the Market to help with planning. Last market day will be in August, no September dates this year.

Goodbye Signage
We will discuss pithy comments for the back of our village welcome sign.

Beaver Meadow meeting area
We have been invited to use the golf course meeting room for an upcoming meeting. We agreed and will make contact.

Special Thanks!
The Board wishes to recognize the contribution made by Paula Miner as past Secretary.
Thank you very much for all you have done.

Respectfully submitted,

Jack Shields

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