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Board Meeting

September 29th, 2014

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Meeting called to order at 6:40pm

New Business:

  • Riverside Park:  Jack Shields addressed the Board regarding Improvements for the Riverside Park.  While the City of Concord mows Riverside Park, Jack has for several years now taken the park on as an “Adopt-a-Spot”.  Jack is looking to replace 5 lights in the park which were installed about 17 years ago as part of an Eagle Scout project.  None of the lights are working two missing the rest are broken.  Jack stated he’s priced out cast iron lights similar to the plastic ones he wants to replace. The cost is $2,655 each.  He estimates the project will cost an approximate total of $15,275 which is the cost of the lights including a $2,000 budget for electrical.  Jack isn’t asking for financial support at this time, but is looking for the PVA’s support of the project which he feels will assist him in his fund raising efforts throughout the community.

The Board told Jack he had our support for the project.

  • PVA Farmers Market: Overall feeling of the Board was that 2014 was our most successful Farmers Market season.  Rick addressed the board with his observation of the 2014 Farmers Market Season.  He stated as of September 1st average attendance was 207.  The highest attendee count was 306 on July 21st.  Average for the entire season was 181.  SNAP/EBT transactions averaged 5-6 Debit transactions and approximately 2 EBT transactions.  Rick stated he’d agree to run the Market again next year for the same amount as 2014.  He likes the Rolfe House for the location of the Market, but isn’t opposed to being in a more visible location in the future.  Rick would like to see more ‘crafters’ at the Market and tossed out the idea of providing table space to be share by multiple crafters. He feels we need to become profitable to continue.  Applying for grants may be the answer. However, his responsibility is to run the market not apply for grants.  He feels our 1st step for 2015 is to see what we’ll have to work with.  Teri brought up possibly applying for a grant from the Humanities Council to assist with the cost of providing entertainment.  There was discussion for the need of creating a survey for the vendors.  This should consist of an online version which will also be mailed to vendors for those who aren’t online.  Lynne may have a copy of last years.  Kathy and Rick stated they’d work on putting a survey together.  Rick left the meeting.


The Board voted to continue with the Farmers Market for the 2015 season.

  • November 15th – Penacook Village Rte. 3 Completion Celebration:
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 10:00 am on 11/15.
  • Invitations need to be created inviting residents, PVA Members, City Officials & Contractors.  Teri agreed to work on creating the invitation.
  • Notices need to be created for local Merchants to assist in advertising the event.
  • Letter needs to be drafted requesting street closures for the event from 9:30 am to 12:00pm. 
  • Streets to be closed include the intersection of Village Street & Merrimack, the intersection of High & Summer Streets & the intersection at Merrimack and Sanders.
  • It was decided we should have entertainment at the event.  A $100.00 budget was approved for the event.
  • Refreshments: Coffee, Donut holes, Juice (apple cider) & a sheet cake.
  • The Newell Post will be approached for the sheet cake.
  • There was discussion about involving the Merchants on Village Street.  This could consist of encouraging them to advertise special sales for the day and possibly a decorating contest for “The Best Store Front”.


  • Kathy mentioned the possibility that she may not be able to attend our 10/3 General Meeting.  Teri agreed to step in if needed.    

Meeting Adjourned at 8:57pm

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