PVA Home Board Meeting: September 14, 2013
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Penacook Village Association
September 14, 2013
6:20 pm
Rolfe House, 11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH

Board Meeting
Minutes - Draft

Word Version

Attendance: Ralph Harwood, Steve Shurtleff, Ray Miner, Brent Todd, Lynne Raleigh
Visitors: Pat Harbor, Liz Blanchard, Adam Czarkowski

Minutes: August 8, 2013, minutes were approved


The First Colebrook Bank Account balance is $19,685.15. Once the account balance drops below $20,000.00 we do not earn the premium interest rate while it is below $20,000.00.

 Farmer Market:

From Teri M:
Farmers Market Income/Expense Report:
   Income: 9 @ 75.00 675.00
      Food: 4 @ 25.00        100.00
      Music: 2 @100.00      100.00
      Supplies:                      69.01
      Advertising:                  35.00
      1/4 Insurance:             147.50
   Total Expenses:              552.11
Net Income:                      122.89 (Thru 9/9/13 Market)

No mailer was sent out because previous mailers had limited affect on attendance
Attendance has been lower since school opened
Location issue needs to be addressed. Rolfe House is not visible/accessible enough.

General discussion:

  • Better communication is needed between the Board and the Farmers Market Committee
    Marketing/advertising needs to be focused on early season
  • A budget proposal from the FM Committee should be submitted to the Board as soon after the end of the 2013 season as possible so that the Board can include this in the 2014 annual budget.
  • The Board should appoint a chairperson and leave the operation of the market to that chair and the committee.

Additional suggestions

  • An end-of-season market survey
    • Survey monkey
    • Google freebie - Adam will send info
  • Develop a mailing list for FM information
  • Utilize the FM Facebook on a regular basis. Possible substitute for maintaining a mailing list. Currently access to FM Facebook account unavailable.

Motion: The Board appoints Pat Harbour as chairperson of the Farmers Market Committee for the 2014 season. Approved.

  • Farmers Market discussions and decisions will be made at the committee level instead of at general membership meetings and Board meetings.
  • The Board’s role is higher level decision-making: Will there be a market? and How much money will be allocated to its support?

Conflict of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest policy was discussed. Brent will provide a sample.

Investigate smaller grocery

Discussion about seeking smaller grocery chain through efforts of a Penacook/PVA committee

Focus for remainder of 2013

  • The primary focus of the Board and PVA should center on Rt 3 and its effects on businesses during construction.
  • A Development Committee should be formed for the purpose of moving forward on the PVA’s vision for the Tannery and bringing in a market.

Improved Liaison with other Penacook Groups

Adam will report on actions by PTA for downtown construction

Annual Meeting

A decision on the annual meeting date (January versus February) should be made by the next Board meeting.

To involve citizens in enhancing the quality of life, protecting the historic character, and fostering economic vitality in Penacook Village.
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