PVA Home Board Meeting: July 22, 2013
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Penacook Village Association
July 22, 2013
6:20 pm
Rolfe House, 11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH

Board of Directors Meeting


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Attendance: Steve Shurtleff, Teri Maxwell, Kathy Bush, Brent Todd, Ralph Harwood, Mike Cotton, Ray Miner, Lynne Raleigh

Financial Summary: As of June 30, 2013: $20,776.20

Chapin Concert Review:

  • Teri provided the final financial information for the concert

Sponsorship, ads, donations    $2583.00
Expenses                               $6219.23

PVA Out of Pocket                $3636.23

  • Participation was less than anticipated (approximately 180 in attendance) but PVA has learned from the experience of planning and completing a major event.

Farmers Market:

  • Weather has been problematic; attendance down 50% like most other markets
  • Relocation may be needed. Possible sites need to be identified.
  • Vendor shortage: Need to increase farmers/vendors and attract crafters.
  • Increase advertising/marketing for 2013. Direct mailing to go out before August 12 market.
  • Determine interest in community. Try exit surveys.
  • Value of market: Community building

Motion: Accept the $2300 budget for the 2013 Farmers Market. Approved.

 Flower Barrels:

  • $880 was billed/$40 per barrel. Arrangements for the barrels was completed by Dave Murray and Dave Newell from the American Legion.
  • A “Thank You” will be sent to Dave Murray at the end of the season.
    • Appreciation for 2013 efforts
    • Uncertainty of 2014 season because of Rt 3 construction; resume barrel program in 2015 when construction is completed. PVA would like to facilitate plantings but can’t determine need until City designs known.

 Rt 3 Construction

  • Need for communication about any disruptions and support for Village businesses.

 Board Members: responsibilities and terms

  • The vacancy on the Board will not be filled immediately. The requirement of at least 5/not more than 9 is satisfied with the current 8 members.
  • Nominees need to be identified so that a slate can be presented to the general membership.

Motion: Accept Brian Adams’ resignation from Board. Approved.

 Designated Funds: A list of suggested projects for which funds should be reserved

  • Farmers Market
  • Hospitality Expenses
  • Moving Penacook Library
  • Village Beautification
    • Banners
  • Marketing/Publicity
    • Special Advertising for Rt 3 disruption
    • Brochure


  • No Board meeting date was determined
  • Next general meeting: September, 14 at 9 am at the Rolfe House
To involve citizens in enhancing the quality of life, protecting the historic character, and fostering economic vitality in Penacook Village.
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