PVA Home Board Meeting: August 21 , 2012
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Penacook Village Association
August 21, 2012
6:30 pm
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Brent Todd, Steve Shurtleff, Ray Miner, Teri Maxwell, Kathy Bush, Mike Cotton, Ralph Harwood, Lynne Raleigh

Farmers Market:

    • Attendance is up from last year; the clientele has changed over the three years. Vendors are satisfied with attendance and are likely to return.
    • In preparation for 2013, Mike will meet with vendors to identify changes and improvements. Mike is looking for more vendors who carry different products.
    • After Labor Day another small ad will be run so that people are aware that the market continues into fall.
    • Mike is checking into an EBT reader. Payment goes to the PVA account; PVA pays vendors after taking a 2.5% charge.
    • Kathy and Teri will check on entertainment. Additional sources of free entertainment are needed.
    • Mike will act as market manager for 2013.
    • A Kids Corner with arts and crafts distractions was suggested.


Make A Difference Day 2012

    • A master plan is needed for the full length of the hill.
    • For 2012
      • Clear and plant the small areas at each end owned by the City.
      • Seek donations from Lowes and Home Depot for plantings.
      • Use the 2020 grant money if donations aren’t sufficient.
      • Address erosion concerns in the design plan.
      • Bonney residents were amenable to changes last year. Teri will email a copy of last year’s Hold Harmless form to Kathy and Mike for review. A simple format like the top of Kathy’s sample forms but with a simple statement about beautification was suggested.
      • Motion: Clear parcels #1 and #10 and use these areas to test plantings. Clean up the full length only along the edge of the wall. Passed.
      • Refreshments will include coffee, beverages, baked goods, snacks.
      • Teri will register with the national Make a Difference.
      • Signage needs to be addressed.

Event Proposal Form

    • Motion: Put revised form into use. Passed.

Tom Chapin Concert

    • The NH State Council on the Arts Grant proposal for $3000 has been submitted and a response is expected after October 12.
    • The seating capacity at the high school is 525.
    • A sponsor list is being developed. Volunteers are need to approach these sponsor organizations. A handout needs to be prepared to give to sponsor prospects during a face-to-face ‘ask’
      • Define the audience to be served by the event. Who will benefit.
      • Include options for listings in the event program and other advertising options
      • Website recognition
      • Determine ad costs
    • Ray and Kathy will meet and draw up a proposal for the above so that sponsorship can be discussed during the September meeting.

PVA Physical Address

    • Mike with discuss using space owned by the Penacook Pharmacy for a file cabinet and other storage needs.

Brochure Update

    • Revisions were suggested and Brent will incorporate these changes in a Word document to be provided to Mike.
    • Mike will have a final version ready for the September member meeting.
    • Lynne will confirm or create info@penacook.org as the contact address.

Volunteer Hours

    • Volunteer hour tracking has value in grant writing.
    • Members will be encouraged to track their hours and report them monthly on PVA sign up forms.

Membership Renewals

    • Five months after billing dues, send final notice.
    • Cancel membership if dues unpaid on last day of final notice month.
    • If membership not renewed, the name will be removed from the finance list.
    • Names and addresses will not be removed from the email/notice list for non-renewal.

Nomination Committee

    • The Board members will act as the nomination committee to identify new board members.
    • Officers are elected by Board members.

Meeting Dates

The following dates will be added to the calendar:

  • September 8 (monthly member)
  • October 13 (monthly member)
  • October 27 (Make a Difference Day)
  • November 3 (monthly member)
  • November 28 - tentative (Tree Lighting)
  • June 21, 2013 (Tom Chapin Band Concert)
To involve citizens in enhancing the quality of life, protecting the historic character, and fostering economic vitality in Penacook Village.
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