PVA Home Board Meeting: 1/28/2012
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Penacook Village Association
Board Meeting
January 28, 2012
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH

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Attendance: Tom Aspell, Kathy Bush, Teri Maxwell, Carol Foss (for Steve Shurtleff), Mike Cotton, Brent Todd, Ray Miner, Ralph Harwood, Lynne Raleigh

Election of Officers: The current slate of officers was re-elected for 2012.

President: Kathy Bush
Vice President: Ralph Harwood
Treasurer: Teri Maxwell
Secretary: Lynne Raleigh

Guest Speaker: Tom Aspell, Concord City Manager

Charrettes and Forums Defined:

Charrette: a working/designing session with breakout groups addressing separate issues of an overall design

Forum: informational presentation sometimes entertaining questions and suggestions

Approaching Penacook Projects:

The City of Concord has departed from the design and implement approach for projects without the opportunity for public input. The new approach encourages

Meeting with neighborhood groups for input so that citizens can express individual and area concerns and also provide information about an area that the City may not be aware of.

  • Designing projects based on what has been learned at meetings to reduce the need to repeat the job or address undiscovered problems at a later time. Meetings direct focus on a defined area and all aspects of the proposed project.
  • Leveraging available dollars.
  • Meeting the needs and the wants of area residents.
  • Prioritizing investments in the community; tax rate now versus 25-50 year view

PVA should consider the long term perspective when viewing proposed projects:

  • Don’t take the first offer or opportunity that comes along.
  • Be willing to wait and invest in the right projects.
  • Use PVA’s voice in reference to designs by developers. Community groups in conjunction with the City can influence a project’s outcome.
  • Integrate existing and future development.

Penacook Motif:

Penacook should define its standards for development in the Penacook area to insure architectural design concepts are acceptable to area residents and businesses. For example, the red brick of existing downtown buildings or the granite block of area mills could influence design. Look for old photos as a design resource.

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To involve citizens in enhancing the quality of life, protecting the historic character, and fostering economic vitality in Penacook Village.
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