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Penacook Village Association
General Membership Meeting
January 11, 2014
9:00 am
Rolfe House, 11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH  

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Attendance: Ralph H., Ray M., Paula M., Bill Smith, Ed B. Teri M., Kathy B., Steve S. Bruce and Elaine.

Discussion of who will be involved in writing a grant with NEGEF to help support the 2014 Farmers Market. Kathy and Teri volunteered, and it was suggested to ask Althea for additional help.

Discussion of need for PVA Board of Directors Nominating Committee to search for new board members, and how to publicize vacant positions-through website?, letter to membership?, notice in Sunday Monitor? Need for further discussion at a Board Meeting.

Discussion of Annual Meeting suggested posting meeting invite on our website. Teri mailed a notice with the renewal invoices for 2014 dues. Suggestion to have membership forms at the meeting./Collection of dues for unpaid members attending/Bringing an updated membership list to check for voting eligibility at meeting (only paid up members will be allowed to vote)/Raffle or door prizes for members who attend. Create follow up letter for delinquent members to ask why they haven’t paid their dues.

Recap of Business Committee meeting on Thursday 1/9/14 included a request for a list of business members to communicate with about the Rt 3 Construction. Would it be possible to add daily updates to our website, or link to City of Concord website to post where construction will occurring that day? The business committee requested $1000.00 to host a meeting with Penacook Businesses to see what role the PVA can play to help them through the last of the construction in 2014 and to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony when the final phase of construction begins. Most of money will be used at the ribbon cutting ceremony to have a community party with food, beverages and construction props for kids. Also, there was a discussion about moving the Farmers Market to downtown after the construction is complete.

A motion by Steve S. to spend $1000.00 for the meeting/ceremony was seconded by Paula M. and passed with a vote of those present with a reminder to spend most of the money on the ribbon cutting ceremony.

6/7/14 will be the kick off ceremony for Concord’s 250 th Anniversary. The 50 year old time capsule at City Plaza (in front of the State House) will be removed and displayed throughout Concord/Penacook over the next year. There will be a 250 th Anniversary Meeting on 1/22/14 at City Hall Council Chambers to begin planning for the yearlong event. Visit Concord250.org for more info.

Bruce and Elaine spoke briefly about having the Hannah Dustin Island officially named and that grant money may be available to refurbish the Gerrish Train Station in Boscawen.

The city will host a re-zoning meeting in March to review draft plans and take comments. Attendees will break out in small groups to discuss proposed plans which can be viewed with a link at the PVA’s website.

According to Ed Roberge, the city has finished their work in downtown Penacook, but Unitil will continue working through March. Utility poles will be removed once the line work is complete. Other utilities have work to complete. Bid requests will go out at the end of January with the final downtown construction work will begin in April 2014, as the weather permits. How will construction updates be provided to businesses? How should the PVA act as a go between to ensure there is communication provided?

Submitted by Teri Maxwell

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