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Penacook Village Association Meeting
November 2, 2013
9:00 a.m.

Penacook Elementary School Cafeteria
60 Village Street, Penacook, NH



The Penacook Village Association meeting was held at the Penacook Elementary School, Cafeteria, 60 Village St, Penacook, NH 03303 on November 2 nd, 2013. Following coffee and donuts, the meeting was opened at 9:20 AM by President Kathy Bush.

A video, shown on Concord public television and produced by Althea Todd, which invited viewers to continue to patronize Penacook businesses during the construction project, was shown.

Kathy then reminded those present of the village Christmas tree lighting, which will be held on December 4 th at 6:00 PM. Volunteers are needed! We are looking for someone to donate a tree, but no one present knew the specifications for the tree. Bruce Crawford has a possible donor in mind. He will contact Jim Major at the City of Concord, General Services, and obtain the information. He will then contact the possible donor.

Concord 250, a grassroots effort to celebrate Concord’s 250th anniversary, will meet at 6:00 PM on November 13 th in the City Hall Chambers.

Jane Lauren, President of the Parent Teachers’ Group, Penacook Elementary School, was introduced. She spoke of the Penacook Discount Cards, which sell for $10, allowing the holder discounts and other special deals at participating local businesses. The cards cost $10 and are good for a year. The goal is to raise $5600 to pay for school activities. Jane had cards with her to sell, and more discount cards can be obtained through Kathy Bush (cell # 603-582-3469)

Kathy then introduced Ed Roberge, Concord City Engineer, who spoke about the Route 3 Corridor Project, as it passes through Penacook. Ed had several sets of plans on display and as he made his presentation took questions from the audience. Presently there are two contractors working in the village: Northeast Earth Mechanics, from Pittsfield is doing the underground infrastructure for the utilities and Beck and Bellucci, from Franklin, are rehabbing the bridge. Concrete piers are being added to the bridge, so street lighting can be added when the job is completed. Large, underground utility boxes will be added in the next week; one north of the bridge, one on Canal Street and one on Merrimack Street. By the end of the construction season, the only poles and wires in the village will be for the street lights. Despite everyone’s efforts, there have been minor traffic control complaints.

Bids for next year’s work will be opened and awarded by January or February. Construction is to start late March, weather permitting. He pointed out the changes in the area of the monument, where the live Christmas tree will be located and the landscaping and hardscaping features of the area. He answered several questions concerning the roundabout and parking. Residents can look to the City Manager’s weekly newsletter for progress reports. The Penacook project news will be added to the city’s email traffic alert list. The intersection of Canal and Village Street will be prepped for a future traffic light as part of this project.

Kathy then spoke of the Safe Walks to School project, which brought some comments concerning bicycling; in the road, marked bicycle lanes and in some cases, on the sidewalk. Questions were raised about cross walks and bump outs. Ed told the audience that experience with the completed portions of the project has proven that the narrower lanes and bump outs have lowered the average speed in those areas.

The Penacook rezoning project was spoken of. A contractor has been selected to work on the rezoning and the city has a grant to fund this project. Penacook is presently in four zones, some with an overlay, making it difficult for a potential investor to figure out what can and cannot be done. Email contactus@penacook.org if you are interested in working on the rezoning or other projects.

Kathy then introduced the candidates for city office. They were allowed three minutes to state their positions and convince the audience to vote for them. In order of speaking, they were:

Councilor at Large: Amanda Grady-Sexton, Samantha Clattenberg, Scott Walsh and Tim Willis.
Mayor : Jim Bouley
Ward 1 Councilor: Brent Todd and Adam Czarkowski
Ward 2 Councilor: Tim Bauman and Allan Herschlag

Due to the time used for the above items, Old Business was not dealt with.

The meeting adjourned at 11:10 AM

The next meeting of the Penacook Village Association will be held on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at the Rolfe House.

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce Crawford

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