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Penacook Village Association Meeting
October 5, 2013
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH

Minutes - Draft


Attendance: Kathy Bush, Ed Bush, Adam Czarkowski, Teri Maxwell, Brent Todd, Pat Severance, Rick Jaques, Terri Culjat, Carol Walter-Bernier, Mike Martin, Joni Melby, Marge Goldman, Bruce Crawford, Elaine Clow, Marguerite Moffett, Sean Dugan, Carole Palmer Zumbrunnen, Fred Regan, Lynne Raleigh


 Safe Routes to School - Fred Regan

  • Parent support/involvement for walking or biking to school is primary importance. Challenge is to get parents to encourage/support exercise instead of using the bus or car
  • Parental concerns: crime, condition of walks, traffic, after-school activities
  • Street safety needs to be improved before parents will back program
  • Start with limited route(s) that are proven to be safe; build additional routes when numbers warrant
  • Sidewalk improvements

Merrimack Valley School Security - Mike Martin

  • Crisis plan in place
  • Increasing access control into buildings
  • Panic button installation throughout buildings
  • Employee identification required
  • Seeking operational changes to increase security
  • Positive attitude of kids about security fostered


Rezoning Committee

  • Sept 18 - Initial meeting and tour for City staff, consultant, committee members
  • Emphasis on mixed use zoning
  • Currently four different zones. Goal to unify zoning assignment to reduce variance issues when change use of a property

Financial: Balance: $20,469.64

Business Committee

Route 3

  • Utilities underground by Thanksgiving 2013
  • Bridge repair in progress; completed by November 18
  • Parking on Washington, Merrimack, other side streets
  • CCTV film - Businesses Are Open
  • City due to advertise for 2014 reconstruction work. Bidding process starting now so earliest possible spring start

Supermarket development committee

  • Recontact markets
  • Grant writing
  • Volunteers sought for this new committee

Next meeting: November 2

Tree lighting: December 4

$50 PVA donation for tree bulbs to city
Need tree donated
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