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Penacook Village Association
July 17, 2013
6:00 pm
Merrimack Valley High School Auditorium

City of Concord Presentation

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Attendees: 60+ Penacook residents

Featured speakers:
       Ed Roberge, Phase 5: Utilities Project
       Matt Walsh, Economic Development in Penacook

Phase 5: Route 3 from Stark Street to Boscawen Town Line

  • City Council has approved special funding for the overhead and underground utilities conduit project, for bridge repair, and for 2014 construction
  • The streetscape project has been defer for one year to allow for utilities project
  • Underground utilities conduit project is out for bid with a projected August start date
  • Projected start for bridge work is September for approximately 8 weeks
    • Going to bid next week
    • Includes: Expansion joints, bridge deck membrane, paving, connections for 4 pedestrian-scale lights
  • Relocation of overhead utilities started in May
    • From Stark to Coral Street
    • West side lines to be moved to east side of Village Street
    • Comcast and telephone lines still to be completed
    • Four other utility lines already completed
    • Project should be done by fall
  • Underground utilities
    • From Coral Street to Boscawen town line
    • Beginning first full week in August through October
    • Six buildings need retrofitting and new wiring into buildings
    • New pedestrian-scale ornamental lighting needed since there are no longer poles to mount lamps
  • When underground conduit project and bridgework are scheduled, the City will present schedule to public.
    • Project manager will notify residents and businesses individually when they will be directly impacted (work being done directly outside a specific property)
    • All work will be done during the daytime
  • Traffic control
    • Generally try to maintain two lanes when possible
    • May use one lane of parking spaces for temporary lane on bridge
    • Temporary signals at night if only single lane available on bridge
  • Because utilities relocation work will be done in 2013, streetscape project in 2014 will go faster
  • Depth of tie-in points (side streets off Village) will depend on reconfiguration plans for each connection (for example, roundabout, re-alignment at Lilac to Meter and Meter into Village Street)
  • Finish overlay (paving) will be completed in 2015 (year following completion of base layer)
  • Phase 6 Stark Street to Borough Road
    • Surveyour to start soon (2013)
    • Construction in 2015
  • Communication from City/Reporting weekly construction schedule
    • Manager’s Weekly Report section on City website
    • Projects listing: look for CIP35, Phase 5
    • Email update via PVA
    • Daily updates if significant changes to schedule

Tannery Project Update: Environmental cleanup is moving forward.

  • Bid will go out July 26
  • Weston Solutions (developer) is seeking an assisted living partner for a 50-unit facility
  • Municipal parking site will not be worked on until the tannery site project is in place
  • Funded by multiple city, state and federal resources ($1,154,000)
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