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Penacook Village Association Meeting
May 11, 2013
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH


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Attendance: Steve Shurtleff, Teri Maxwell, Pat Harbour, Lynne Raleigh, Ed Bush, Kathy Bush, Adam Czarkowski, Marguarite Moffett, Sumner Goldman, Lois Bradley, Brent Todd, Ray Miner, Ralph Harwood

Minutes: Members Meeting, April 13, 2013, minutes were approved.

Chapin Concert:

  • Penacook Community Center will oversee ticket distribution
  • 6:30 ticket entry; 6:50 general admission for unfilled seating
  • Free ads but no additional paid ads in Monitor
  • Motion: Spend an additional amount, not to exceed $700 above the ad/sponsorship revenue, for the Tom Chapin concert. Passed with 2 opposing.

Farmers Market:

  • Bags available for $2
  • Grand opening 24 th
  • Soft opening 17 th to allow for strawberries is possible.

Rt 3 Construction

  • June 1 meeting if Ed available. Kathy to check with PES or HS.

 Speaker: Gloria McPherson, City Planner, Penacook Village Zoning Study Grant

  • Grant request going before Council for $30,000
  • With all the current activity, it was a good time to look at zoning in Penacook.
  • Downtown Concord rules don’t work for downtown Penacook.
  • Consultant will be hired to facilitate envisioning process, and tp match city staff Planning Division, charettes
  • Meld current use and planned/projected use
  • Charettes and PVA role
    • August - small kickoff meeting initial setup; consultant, staff, reps from Historical Society and PVA
    • Mid-September - City staff and public meeting with specific focus
    • October - public workshop
    • Recommendations by staff
    • November workshop
    • Public input at Planning Board

 Next Meeting: Date not yet determined.

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