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Penacook Village Association Meeting
July 14, 2012
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH


Attendance: Kathy Bush, Ed Bush, Ralph Harwood, Sumner Goldman, Marge Goldman, Teri Maxwell, Carole Palmer Zumbrunnen, Jean Dugan, Marguerite Moffett, Wendy Follansbee, Steve Shurtleff, Paula Miner, Pat Harbour, Ray Miner, Lynne Raleigh

Make a Difference

  • Motion: Draw up a Hold Harmless agreement and seek the signatures of residents on Bonney Street. Passed Kathy Bush will look for a template before the next board meeting.
  • Discussed erosion control, danger of removal of large root systems and boulders.
  • Landscape both ends at Bonney and Village Streets where the city owns the property.
  • Seek professional advice for landscaping projects
  • Steve Shurtleff will look into community service options for manpower.

Walking Trail

  • A trail is planned from the Tannery site to Rivco and to the Merrimack River. Steve Shurtleff will keep PVA apprised of progress.

Farmers’ Market

  • A “Color the Cow” mailer with a scene to be colored was discussed with hopes that it would be sent before the July 23 market and be a part of a free ice cream offer.
  • Ralph Harwood will pass out fliers at the Nevers Band performance at Rolfe Park on July 17.
  • Variety of marketing suggestions were discussed.
  • Two more directional signs are needed on McCoy at Walnut and at Merrimack.
  • Temporary relocation may be needed because of lead abatement issues on the drive side of the Rolfe House.

Historical Society

  • PVA was seeking a formal agreement with PHS. No rental has been requested by PHS from PVA.
  • PVA needs a physical address. PHS denied this request; they do not want to create identity confusion.
  • There is no space available for PVA to store material or a file cabinet in the Rolfe House.

Flower Barrels

  • 29 barrels were sold and installed in the Village.
  • PVA will provide fertilizer to those watering the plants.

Magic Lantern

  • MVHS auditorium is not available October 26.
  • Motion: Reconsider the earlier appropriation as related to Magic Lantern. Passed.
  • Motion: The Event Proposal Form will be completed and submitted to those who will be considering and voting on it one month, at the least, prior to said vote. Passed. [Form is available on the website.]

Tom Chapin Concert

  • Scheduled: Friday, June 21, 2013
  • A grant proposal is being prepared by Kathy Bush for matching funds.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance of $20,798.58

Future Speakers: Dates not yet determined
    Michael Green, President, Concord Hospital
    Jayme Simoes, Louis Karno Public Relations

Upcoming Meetings:

    Business and Events Committee: July 19 at 6:30
    Board: August 21 at 6:30
    Member Meeting: September 8 at 9:00
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