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Penacook Village Association Meeting
June 9, 2012
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH



Attendees: Carol Walter-Bernier, Wendy Follansbee, Sarah Ford, Pat Harbour, Ray Miner, Paula Miner, Avram Niebling, Lois Bradley, Peter Dodge, Marge Goldman, Sumner Goldman, Teri Maxwell, Ed Bush, Kathy Bush, Steve Shurtleff, Mike Cotton, Ralph Harwood, Jennifer Kretovic, Lynne Raleigh

Guest Speaker: Avram Niebling, Community Connect

  • Web-based resource for those who need help with everyday activities.
  • Local people providing services to local people who need help with chores, yardwork, transportation, etc.
  • Workers are insured and bonded. Background checks required.
  • $20 an hour.
  • communityconnect.us or 603-491-9463 to sign up as worker or to schedule services.

Guest Speaker: Councilor Jennifer Kretovic, Fundraising

  • When asking for money:
    • Believe in the mission
    • Give of yourself
    • Value your time as a volunteer
  • Ask for more than you expect
  • Face-to-face is most effective approach. Opportunity to show passion and energy for the mission.
  • For corporate sponsorships offer something in return for dollar support. For example, share name value at all events.

Website Contact:

  • • Through the penacook.org ContactUs address, email was received from someone who lived in Penacook in the 50’s. He was lamenting the changes he observed when he recently visited Penacook. Ralph Harwood has composed a response melding Penacook memories and present changes.
  • Oral histories should be collected and shared through the website.

Farmers’ Market

  • Mailer to be sent for June 18 opening
  • Monitor ad
  • 10 vendors confirmed
  • Still looking for entertainment.
  • Motion: Make a Farmers Market Entertainment fund available for the season, scheduling a monthly paid performance through the summer with a ceiling of $1000 for the season. Passed.

Flower Barrels

  • • Peter Dodge will visit local businesses to support the flower barrels in the village.
  • • Dave Murray has already be contacted for 26 barrels at $55 each.
  • • PVA will donate a barrel to the new garage and the new barber shop with the understanding that these businesses care for the flowers for the summer.

Make a Difference Day

  • Saturday, October 27
  • Discussion about working on the Village Street hill again.


  • Magic Lantern, Oct 26
    • Unresolved
  • Tom Chapin Concert
    • Kathy Bush discussed a matching grant for a performance in 2013.
  • Motion: Set aside $6000 for entertainment events for 2012-2013. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Total $22,233.38

Organizational Concerns:

  • Privacy policy needs to be formulated
  • Discuss how projects and events should be organized

Next meeting: July 14

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