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Penacook Village Association
Annual Meeting
January 14, 2012
9:00 a.m.
United Church of Penacook
Community Drive and Canal Street
Penacook, NH

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Guest Speakers:

Matt Walsh, City Assistant for Special Projects: Tannery site clean-up, Penacook Family Physicians

Matt reviewed the history of the Tannery site and the progress of 2011 including the completion of the Penacook Physicians building, purchase of two properties, additional site work. The slide show for this presentation can be found on the website, www.penacook.org.

Ed Roberge, City Engineer and Rob Mack, Traffic Engineer: Downtown Penacook and the Rt. 3 Corridor Project

Ed outlined the early phases of the Rt. 3 Corridor project which have now been completed, meeting the proposed timetable. Phase 5, from Boscawen Line to Stark Street, and Phase 6, from Stark Street to Borough Road, are now ready for the design process. Penacook needs to develop a wish list addressing the issues such as parking, traffic flow and green space.

Additional issues:

  • water main refurbishment project
  • underground utilities in a defined Village area
    • underground corridor to be negotiated
    • effect on building owners
  • pedestrian concerns
  • signals and intersection control
  • lighting in the Village

Design charrettes will be scheduled so that Penacook residents and businesses can share concepts, concerns, and suggestions with the City.

Visit a Sample Project: Rt 101 through Dublin, NH. A historic village feel with a highway cutting through the village.

PVA extended their appreciation for the continued support and inclusion by the City of Concord.

Business Meeting

Elections: Ray Miner was elected to the Board, replacing Terri Culjat. Terri was thanked for her work, especially in the early days as PVA grew from sporadic meetings to a recognized voice for Penacook.

Treasurer’s Report: There is a balance of $22,180.79.

Follow-Up With City:

Brent Todd will coordinate follow-up meetings with Ed and Matt. Both Saturday and evening sessions should be considered.


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