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Penacook Village Association Meeting
December 10, 2011
9:00 a.m.

Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH

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Attendance: Ed Bush, Kathy Bush, Teri Maxwell, Steve Shurtleff, Peter Dodge, Lois Bradley, Marge Goldman, Sumner Goldman, Mike Cotton, Sherry Cotton, Ralph Harwood, Liz Blanchard, Ray Miner, Paula Miner, Brent Todd, Deb Newell, Dave Newell, Carol Walter, Lynne Raleigh

Penacook Tree Light Review, Nov 30
Successful event with a large turn out. New lights for the tree were purchased by PVA. From children’s perspective, event was just long enough. Next year we need stronger/louder sound system and a confirmed source of electricity source. Because General Services does not support streetscapes for secular events, PVA would have to pay for repair of existing decorations and replacements. Grants from the City are possible for non-secular streetscapes.

Board members: Article IV Section 3 states term of office for directors is two years, but there is no limit on the consecutive terms served by the Directors. Three board positions will be filled on the 2-year rotation with elections at the Annual Meeting on January 14, 2012.
     No longer able to serve: Terri Culjat
     Nominated for re-election: Teri Maxwell, Steve Shurtleff
     Nominated: Ray Miner

Proposed Finance Committee: Tabled. Board will meet periodically to address financial issues.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance: $1,379.61
Citizens checking account will be closed and a new money market account for non-profits will be opened at First Colebrook.

Membership Summary: 71 individual members; 14 businesses

New Business: Slot Car Corner: races, slot car supplies

Business Committee:

Members: Mike Cotton (chair), Ray Miner (vice chair), Brent Todd, Teri Maxwell, Lynne Raleigh, David Rauseo, Steve Shurtleff

Banner: 3 x 8 with village view graphic, “Penacook Village Association”, “Prosper in Penacook”, web address. Heavy vinyl. $48 plus $30 shipping. Approved for Mike Cotton to order banner.

Annual Meeting:

January 14, 2012, 9:00 AM at United Church of Penacook
Guest speakers: Matt Walsh, City Assistant for Special Projects: Tannery site clean up
Ed Roberge, City Engineer: Rt. 3 Corridor progress
Notify public: MVV, flyer mailed to members, Monitor items; CCTV; email reminder; HS sign, UCP sign.
Peter Dodge will hand deliver flyers being made by Teri Maxwell to local merchants

Meeting: February 11, 2012, Tom Aspell, City of Concord General Services

Time: 9 - 10:30 AM

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To involve citizens in enhancing the quality of life, protecting the historic character, and fostering economic vitality in Penacook Village.
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