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Penacook Village Association Meeting
October 8, 2011
9:00 a.m.
Penacook Community Center
76 Community Drive
Penacook, NH


Attendance: Teri Maxwell, Steve Shurtleff, Matt Walsh, Deb Cuddahy, Marguerite Moffet, Ray Miner, Liz Blanchard, Jennifer Kretovic, Lois Bradley, Laurie Rauseo, Ralph Harwood, Lynne Raleigh

Matt Walsh, Assistant for Special Projects, City of Concord, announced:

  • The installation of the gateway sign on Canal Street. He also presented the seasonal signs which can be attached by padlock to the sign announcing the Tree Lighting, Farmers Market, Seasons Greetings, and the website address.
  • Possible purchase of two parcels of land between Chief’s and the tannery site. Approximately an acre in size, this property can be used to extend a proposed river walk and a parking area. [Approved by City Council]

Farmers Market:

  • Scheduled to close October 10
  • A committee should be formed to support the market in the 2012 season.

Make a Difference Day

  • Flyers have been posted throughout Penacook.
  • Teri Maxwell will check with the high school to share flyers for volunteers needing community service.
  • Steve Shurtleff will give a presentation at the Boy Scouts on October 15.
  • The City will pick up brush.
  • Fox Hardware donated 10 pairs of safety glasses and the Maxwells donated jersey work gloves and gift cards for prizes.
  • Steve Shurtleff has purchased garden tools. Volunteers should bring their favorite garden tools if available.
  • Teri Maxwell and Terri Culjat have arranged for the donation of pizza from Bradley’s, Donatello’s and Constantly Pizza.
  • Steve Shurtleff will provide cases of water.
  • Terri Culjat is canvassing additional merchants for prizes.
  • Steve will notify residents on Bonney Street and speak to Father Potvin about using the Immaculate Conception facility for breaks and parking.


  • Volunteers
  • Pop up canopy for sign up table
  • Coolers and ice
  • Handiwipes / napkins

Tree Lighting

  • Scheduled Wednesday, November 30 at 6:00 pm
  • Music/equipment organized by Zack Blanchard
  • Penacook Elementary School chorus
  • PCC Child Care singers
  • Steve Shurtleff will contact City about closing streets
  • Refreshments: hot chocolate, cider, cookies
  • Finalize plans at the November 12 meeting

Business Committee

  • Addressing how to attract satellite businesses, shared rental space, incubator
  • Ray Miner and Jennifer Kretovic will contact Beede and Hoyt Electric about group memberships for their employees. Employees would get discounts at local businesses for companies joining PVA.
  • Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event to showcase Penacook businesses


  • Meeting and event cancellation suggestions needed (who would decide, when, how notify)
  • Treasurer’s Report: Balance as of September 2011: $1651.57

Guest Speaker: Deb Cuddahy, Executive Director, Penacook Community Center

  • PCC has a rich history of community involvement from early days as a youth center to senior programming, child care, and youth programs.
  • Tour of the original building and its addition plus two residential properties refitted for child care classes and office space.
  • Partnerships with other agencies and organizations to leverage resources and expand activities and events.
    Possibility of collabortive efforts between PCC and PVA.

Next meeting: November 12, 2011 at 9:00 am at the Rolfe House

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