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Penacook Village Association Meeting
June 11, 2011
Rolfe House, 11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH

Meeting Minutes

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Attendees: Lois Bradley, Peter Dodge, Marge Goldman, Sumner Goldman, Terry Culjat, Terri Maxwell, Ed Bush, Kathy Bush, Brent Todd, Steve Shurtleff, Liz Blanchard, Mike Cotton, Ralph Harwood, Jennifer Kretovic, Laurie Rauseo, Lynne Raleigh,

Guest Speaker: Jessica Eshleman, Executive Director, Main Street Concord

Main Street Concord is a non-profit organization charged with the revitalize downtown Concord while building on its historic character. See the website www.mainstreetconcord.com for the complete mission statement, strategies, and four point program employed to accomplish this mission.

Some discussion points PVA could employ:

  • Use a holistic approach beyond just retail business in downtown. Mix retail business development, revitalization of properties, and events that celebrate “Main Street”.
  • Determine the ‘wants’ of property owners, business, customers, and residents.
  • Balance strategies to succeed.
  • Develop a work plan defining annual efforts.
  • Seek assistance through Small Business Administration (http://www.sba.gov/), National Main Street Center (http://www.preservationnation.org/main-street/), and similar organizations.

Farmers Market:

  • Four new vendors are confirmed and more are on a waiting list. The Historical Society has agreed that more tables can be added in front of the barn.
  • A gift certificate has been donated for the first raffle to be held on opening night.
  • Music has been scheduled for opening night.
  • Signage needs to be arranged.
  • The Penacook Library will have a table outside the barn on June 20 and 27.
  • See attached list of PVA table volunteers.

Sprucing Up the Village:

  • Flower Barrels: Peter Dodge has started talking with Village merchants about sponsoring barrels. Murray Farms will provide barrels and merchants will be charged $50.
  • Boudreau Square: 18 MVMS garden club members helped plant flowers, donated by Murray Farms, in Boudreau Square.


  • Work on the Form 1023 application for 501(c) 3 tax exemption needs to be completed in June.
  • A pro bono lawyer is needed to assist with the 501(c) 3 process and future PVA concerns.

Gateway Sign: Dianna and Warren Leary were applauded for the attractive refurbishing of the gateway sign at the Manor Fire Station.

Next Meeting: There will be no meetings during July and August. Saturday meetings will resume in September.

Note: In executive session, the PVA Board decided to remove the “Pulse of Penacook” document until revisions were made and reviewed by the Board.


Volunteer Schedule for PVA table at Farmers Market:

June 20: Marge and Sumner Goldman; Jennifer Kretovic

June 27: Terri Culjat

July 4: No market scheduled

July 11: Pete and Dottie Dodge

July 18: Lois Bradley; Liz Blanchard

July 25: Terri Culjat

August 1: Marge and Sumner Goldman

August 8:

August 15:

August 22:

August 29: Ed Bush

Parking Volunteers:

Steve Shurtleff: when not at meetings

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