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Penacook Village Association Meeting
May 14, 2011
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House, 11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH

Meeting Minutes

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Attendees: Marge Goldman, Sumner Goldman, Mike Cotton, Kathy Bush, Ed Bush, Lois Bradley, Teri Maxwell, Warren Leary, Dianna Leary, David Rause, Jennifer Kretovic, Steve Shurtleff, Peter Dodge, Dottie Dodge, Ralph Harwood, Matt Walsh, Lynne Raleigh

Matt Walsh:

  • As part of the City’s tannery project on East Street, three vendors were invited to submit gateway signage designs. The designs were reviewed and suggestions and preferences provided by attendees.
  • A groundbreaking ceremony is planned for the DEW / Penacook Family Physician’s Practice project on June 2 at 1:00 pm. All are welcomed.

Farmers Market:

  • Opening Date: June 20
  • 18 vendors confirmed; 5 unconfirmed
  • Fundraising for startup costs:
    • Donatellos Coupons for large pizza; $3 donated to Farmers Market. Starts May 16 to June 14
    • Flyers distributed at Penacook Elementary School, Facebook, PVA website
    • Applies to eat in, take out, and delivery
  • PVA bottled water sales
  • Parameters
    • No political distribution or petitions
    • Permission of the PVA board for non-profits
      • Board must approve access
      • Includes market area and parking area of Rolfe location
      • Submit request to any board member in writing or emailed. Recipient to distribute request to all board members for consideration
    • Limit to those who have a physical presence in Penacook, event in Penacook or beneficial to Penacook residents
    • Informational reasons only; no sales
    • Space to be paid for

Public Form Summary: A summary of the April 16 Forum regarding the Whitney Road development and subsequent correspondence was provided by Kathy Bush. Revisions from board members were requested. This was in response to the decision by the board that no position would be taken on this development and PVA would facilitate communication to the community about issues, concerns, proposed and finalized plans.

Future events to get PVA name out:

  • MVSD Retirement Teas: Annual event during which PVA could issue a plaque or letter of appreciation
  • Citizen celebrations and Honor Roll nominations: policy and process to recognize Penacook residents

Organization/Form 1023 Application for 501©3 tax exemption:
Steve Whitley has moved to another area. Referrals for a new pro bono attorney are needed.

American Legion Report:

  • The Fishing Derby was a success. 650-675 attended the derby at a private pond stocked by the Legion. Each participant received a trophy. Merchants donated $3500 towards the $6000 cost for the evenrt.
  • The Legion is trying to build up Boys State held at Revere College. The Legion pays to send boys to this June event.

Flower Barrels: Peter Dodge will start approaching businesses and arranging for flower barrels next month for July installation.

Adopt-a-Spot: Gazebo and surrounding garden

  • David Gill manages the City program
  • An application with program parameters needs to be completed by PVA
  • There is not cost for application
  • PVA would need to procure necessary supplies
  • Jennifer Kretovik and Steve Shurtleff will research requirements, donation of supplies and a maintenance schedule and present a plan at the June meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: April balance $1,905.17

Next Meeting: June 11, 2011

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