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Penacook Village Association Meeting
April 9, 2011
9:00 a.m.
United Church of Penacook
East Street and Community Drive
Penacook, NH

Meeting Minutes

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Attendees: Marge Goldman, Sumner Goldman, Wes Frost, Mike Cotton, Mark Wilson, Ellen Langlais, Kate McNutt, Jackie Brochu, Melissa Merrill, Kathy Bush, Ed Bush, Brent Todd, Jean Clark, Lois Bradley, Marguerite Moffett, Lorrie Coray, Rob Mack, Teri Maxwell, Nancy Bricchi, Cynthia McLoo, Ed Roberge, Wendy Fallansbee, Tracey Bricchi

Ed Roberge and Rob Mack provided background information and fielded questions from Penacook residents about:

Rt 3 Corridor:

  • Phases 1, 2 and 3 from Borough Road and south are completed.
  • An early start this spring will complete Phase 4a: Palm Street to Call Street and Phase 4b: Call Street to Penacook Street
  • Phase 5: Boscawen Town Line to Stark Street are is the earliest planning stage.
    • Surveying Summer 2011
    • Discussions with Penacook residents Fall 2011
      • On street parking in Village
      • Traffic circulation
  • Road work 2012
  • Phase 6: Stark Street to Borough Road

2012 Budget (July 2011 - June 2012)

  • Water mains: clean and line existing pipelines or replace lines
  • Sidewalks: maintain only; no new sidewalks planned except where roadways are being resurfaced

Manor and Abbott paving material staging issues

  • Safety, truck speed, environmental concerns, noise pollution
  • 100% recycling of slab material used as structural base in new surfacing
  • Contractor not complying with City-designated route for trucks from current resurfacing to staging area
  • Steel recycled. All material will be used or removed from the staging area.
  • Hours and weekend activity non-compliance needs to be reported to City.
  • Will check curbing and sidewalk issues on Abbott. Curbing program and sidewalks and roadways are separate funding entities. Curbing can be optional and a shared expense for residents and the City.
  • Traffic flow issues
  • Posted speeds and signs must meet state and federal guidelines.
  • Strategies to improve awareness of changing traffic zones
  • Abbot and Manor roundabout

Value of Fisherville Road pedestrian refuges

  • Traffic calming
  • So middle turning lane is not used for passing or lengthy travel before turning

Safe Route to School

  • Define primary walk path
  • Identify danger areas
  • Improvements based on results and priorities defined
  • Seek grant money after document results and leverage with other city projects
  • Signage - sidewalks - flashing beacons

Penacook Village

  • Traffic capacity versus impact
  • Maintain parking
  • Character zone

Traffic corridor study

  • Need lights at Washington and at East Street or alternatives to slow traffic
  • Underground utilities under discussion
  • Improve sight line
  • Enhance business zone
  • Rezoning to exploit potential of Village
  • Competing dollars and timing
  • Avoiding unintended consequences


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