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Penacook Village Association Meeting
March 12, 2011
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Rick Jacques, Sumner Goldman, Peter Dodge, Steve Shurtleff, Liz Blanchard, Kathy Bush, Ed Bush, Lois Bradley, Ralph Harwood, Mike Cotton, Warren Leary, Dianna Leary, Teri Maxwell, Mikayla Howden, Marguerite Moffett, Lynne Raleigh

Minutes of the February 12, 2011 Annual Meeting were approved with modifications.

Treasurer’s Report for January/February 2011 was approved.

  • Balance: $1705.17
  • New Business member: Capital Alarm

Whitney Road Development:

Liz Blanchard provided information about development of property on Whitney Road. Zoning restrictions on building size are an issue. Liz will contact the developer to speak at a future meeting. Discussion expanded to other locations that have been discussed for a grocery store which includes:

  • Tannery site on East Street
  • Fisherville Road opposite the storage
  • Fisherville Road south of the storage
  • Whitney Road

Economic Development/Business Committee

  • Farmers Market
    • Four new vendors and 16 returning vendors
    • Start date: June 20
    • Fees: $75 for season
    • Fundraiser: McDonalds in May under discussion
  • Vendor parameters to be presented during April or May meeting. Check online for sample parameters.
  • Suggestion that non-profit participation include only organizations with a presence in the Penacook area (ie., Boy Scouts, PCC, American Legion)


  • Peter Dodge volunteered to join this committee
  • Need new fundraising possibilities for this year
  • Parade discussed
    • Must find other interested groups in area
    • Requires minimum of a year to plan
    • Expand beyond parade to include activities at Rolfe Park or other Penacook locations
  • American Legion activities reported
    • Donating money to area elementary schools for shoes, glasses, family assistance
    • Boys State and Girls State at Revere College
    • $1000 scholarships for MVHS students
    • Fishing Derby May 7
    • Pancake Breakfast April 17 as fundraiser for Fishing Derby
    • April 30 dance
    • Hiring architect for renovation at 12-14 Washington Street
    • Clean up day will be some time in May or June at 6 AM


  • Form 1023 Application for 501(c)3 tax exemption may be completed by May after revisions suggested by the PVA attorney.

City Council Testimony:

Kathy Bush and Brent Todd gave testimony on behalf of PVA at the February 14, 2011, City Council meeting regarding the lifting of the citywide parking ban. The lifting of the parking ban was passed.

Next meeting:

April 9, 2011
Guest Speakers:
      Ed Roberge Rt. 3 Corridor and other roadway issues
      Robert Mack Traffic monitoring results for multiple Penacook locations
Location: United Church of Penacook

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