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Penacook Village Association Meeting
February 12, 2011
Annual Meeting
9:00 a.m.
United Church of Penacook
East Street and Community Drive
Penacook, NH

Meeting Minutes


Bob Auprey, Liz Blanchard, Lois Bradley, Albert Brochu, Ed Bush, Kathy Bush, Jean Clark, Mark Coen, Alice Colby, Lee Colby, Terri Culjat, Dotti Dodge, Peter Dodge, Cheryl Downing, Liz Downing, George Flanders, Ethel Furlong, Marje Goldman, Ralph Harwood, Deitz Heins, Mikayla Howden, Dianna Leary, Warren Leary, Patricia Mastin, Teri Maxwell, Lynne Raleigh, Steve Shurtleff, Ricky Tewksbury, Brent Todd, Matt Walsh

Guest Speaker: Matt Walsh presented a review of Penacook interests and issues and updated the City of Concord’s efforts in these areas. The full presentation is available on penacook.org. Additional notes follow:

4 Crescent Street

  • The Penacook Family Physicians will be relocated to a new one-story building on the 4 Crescent Street property. There will be space for expansion.
  • Shredded leather buried on this property must be removed to avoid future structural damage and the release of gas as the leather breaks down.
  • The sale of the Crescent Street property will pay for the mill demolition.
  • Infrastructure work will include water lines, sidewalks, utility pole relocation, landscaping and signage.
  • Construction will start April 2011 (weather permitting) with road construction during the summer and building occupancy by November/December.

  • Matt is looking for volunteers for the District Advisory Board.

35 East Street: An application for a federal grant to clean up coal ash and chromium pollution around and under the tannery was submitted in October 2010.

Grocery store: Feelers are still out in the search for a grocery store in Penacook.

Rt. 3 Corridor

  • $6 million has been spent to date for the first four phases.
  • Penacook Village is Phase 5. Design and community meetings will start in Fall 2011 with construction in FY 2013.
  • Underground utilities are being discussed.
  • Phase 6 will cover Stark Street to Borough Road.
  • The total $10-12 million cost is 100% city-funded.

Business Meeting:

Warren Leary was nominated and unanimously voted to replace Phil Latvis as a board member. Thanks were given to Phil for his service and assistance during the PVA’s formation.

Dianna and Warren Leary displayed the new blue and gold colors for the Welcome signs which will be refurbished in the spring.

Five new members joined the association. Drawing prizes were distributed to new member Ethel Furlong and to member Alice Colby for bringing a new member.

Financial report: Balance of $1449.

Members were asked to consider volunteering for subcommittees including Business and Economic Development; Organizational; and Events. See September 9, 2010 minutes for a list of current subcommittee members.

The overnight parking ban was discussed. A public hearing was scheduled. PVA supports lifting the parking ban for the full Penacook business area to encourage second floor development

The roundabout being installed on Rt 4 is a State/Boscawen project designed to expedite traffic flow in a more economical and efficient manner than a traffic signal. The design requirements of roundabouts allows for emergency vehicles and larger transport.

The gazebo in the Village is missing railings and benches and needs to be cleaned up. MVHS will be asked if the shop group can complete repairs. Regular maintenance may require an hour per month for City clean up plus volunteer group efforts. Phase 5 of Rt 3 may affect location and appearance of the gazebo.

Addendum 1: Follow-up from presenter Matt Walsh

From: Walsh, Matthew
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 9:15 AM
Subject: Penacook Village Association Questions - Please Review & Respond

Hello Team:

On Saturday, February 12th I had the pleasure of meeting with the Penacook Village Association ("the PVA") for 3 hours to discuss various issues and happenings in Penacook.

As a result of this meeting, I have a list of issues / questions they would like me to discuss with Code / Planning / Parking / GSD Solid waste, Engineering, and GSD, as applicable:

Please see the questions below and provide your response at your earliest convenience so I can relay the response back to the PVA:

Planning / Code / Parking / & Pat Winn:

1. There are several dumpsters in the City's public parking area along East Street (just east of Village Street). Pat Winn / Dave F: Are these owned by the City? Several appear to be owned by private interests, including Chief's Restaurant. Code / Planning: Assuming they are privately owned, is there any way the City could require screening of these dumpsters? Please advise.


1. If the City does proceed with burying utilities in the Village's central business district, what would be the approximate geography for buried utilities?

2. The Village might have some interest in having a large, live "Christmas tree" installed in the vicinity of Boudreau Sq during the Route 3 project. Please consider this in your designs.

3. Boudreau Sq currently has an irrigation system which was privately installed / funded and is maintained by the American Legion. (Contact person is Pete Dodge). Will the irrigation system be replaced in kind assuming a "new" Boudreau Sq as a result of the project?

General Services:

1. The Poulin Gazebo at the corner of Washington and Village has been vandalized and is in need of some repairs.

2. PVA members are interested in working with GSD to clean and weed sidewalks during the growing season. They were wondering if they could work jointly with a GSD crew 1 hour per month on this. They were also looking for permission to use weed killer on City sidewalks. Kathy Bush is probably the best person to discuss this with. You can contact her at kbush@mv.k12.nh.us.

3. Those present at the meeting commended the City's plow drivers for keeping the CAT bus stop at the Sam's Convenient Store is good condition. Kudos to the plow drivers!

Please give me a call if you'd like to discuss.


Matthew R. Walsh
Assistant for Special Projects
City of Concord
41 Green Street
Concord, NH 03301
Telephone: 603-225-8570
Fax: 603-225-8558
Email: mwalsh@onconcord.com

Addendum 2: Follow-up Regarding Penacook Village Tax Increment District Advisory Board

Addressed to: Lois Bradley, Warren Leary, Mikayla Howden, Teri Maxwell, Brent Todd

Thank you all for expressing interest in joining the City's Penacook Village Tax Increment District Advisory Board. As you know, this group will help the City define the scope of future public improvements to built to support redevelopment of the Tannery site. The City is required to establish the Board per State Law pertaining to such districts. I anticipate the group will meet very infrequently (likely 2 to 3 times per year if that) and on an as needed basis only. The Advisory Board has spaces for 5 members; however this could be expanded to 7.

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