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April 16, 2011
United Church of Penacook
East Street and Community Drive
Penacook, NH
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Audience attention  

Attendees: 50+ Penacook residents

Topic: Location of a local grocery store

Featured speakers: David and Laurie Rauseo, Developers and owners of Concord Sports Center

Development Details

  • Property to be developed located on Whitney Road, near Rt 4 and Rt 93, Exit 17
  • Rezoned urban commercial
  • Proposing a grocery store 26,000 square feet (similar in size to Storrs Street Market Basket)
  • Other smaller retail spaces being considered
  • Covenant on property restricts businesses over 8,000 square feet
  • Wetlands permit completed; timeline dependent on revision of covenant by City Council
  David and Laurie Rauseo Speak
Matt Walsh provides background  

Concerns, issues and comments:

  • Previous attempts to attract grocery chains to Tannery site and Fisherville Road
    • Low traffic volume (6,000 on East Street vs. 20,000 on Rt 4)
    • Recession
  • Affect of Exit 17 development on downtown area
    • Positive, negative
    • Unintended consequences
  • Tax benefit
  • Benefits to residents including shorter travel
  • Development group DEW Construction
    • Exploring retail, office and residential possibilities for Tannery site

More Concerns, issues and comments:

  • City has applied for a $600,000 grant to clean the 1,000 tons of chromium contaminating soil at Tannery site
  • Look for other ways to revitalize downtown Penacook without relying on a grocery store in the center of the village
  • Bus transportation from Penacook locations to Exit 17 needed
  Questions and Concerns Offered

Additional Information:

  1. Supermarket Flyer with Contact information for the Mayor and City Council Members. 

  2. Summary some specific Property Tax Benefit information
  • Total 2010 Annual Property Tax Assessed by Concord for 62 acres of land near Whitney Road and I-93 = $148.86 per year (this land is in Current Use).
  • Anticipated assessment value of future commercial and industrial development on these 52 acres is expected to total over $22,000,000; paying over $400,000 in annual property taxes to Penacook, which represents 7.2% of the total Penacook equalized valuation.       
  • Anticipated Supermarket, filling station, and near term abutting commercial development is expected to pay over $230,000 in annual property taxes to Penacook.   
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