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Penacook Village Association Meeting
September 11, 2010
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH


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Attendance: Mike Cotton, Steve Shurtleff, Marje Goldman, Ed Bush, Kathy Bush, Teri Maxwell, Ralph Harwood, Alice Colby, Jennifer Gelinas, Warren Leary, Dianna Leary, Terri Culjat, Brent Todd, Jennifer Kretovic, Rick Jacques, and Lynne Raleigh.

Minutes for July 10, 2010 were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer reported a balance of $1551.06 at the close of August and the report was approved. Discussion about several line items included:

  • Dues are effective January 1 through December 31 annually. Increased dues for 2011 will be discussed at a future meeting.
  • Private/Public donations came from Merrimack County Savings Bank, Stephen Shurtleff, Sumner and Marge Goldman, Brent Todd, Liz Blanchard, and Rick and Teri Maxwell as startup funds for the Farmers’ Market.
  • Insurance expenses are an annual expense covering liability during PVA events and renewable each June.
  • License/Permits fees are specific to the Farmers’ Market in its current location.
  • PVA received $5 per flower barrel after expenses.
  • Several fees to government agencies are coming due soon.

Farmer’s Market

  • During August, there was an average of 100 visitors per week.
  • Vendors are satisfied with the setup and steady traffic and most have expressed an interest in returning next year.
  • The current plan is to end the Market on October 11.
  • Closing time has been backed off to 6:30 due to earlier loss of light.
  • A possible extension to the end date to the holiday season was discussed. Inclusion of crafts as the holiday season nears was also considered. Indoor venues and a new round of City fees are the major issues.
  • Variance issues have been resolved thanks to the efforts of Carol Foss, Steve Shurtleff, and Rick Jacques from the Penacook Historical Society.
  • A thank you meal for vendors is scheduled for September 27. PVA will purchase a cake from Sherry Cotton. See attached list for others who have signed up to supply food.
  • Kathy Bush will work with Jennifer Kretovic to seek a grant for the 2011 market season. Items to be researched include marketing, vendor support, and WIC program support.
  • A more formal PVA booth should be considered for 2011.

Organization Issues:

  • There is a need to discuss and better define the PVA direction, revenue raising efforts, and revenue uses.
  • Subcommittees should be used to complete specific projects and explore areas of interest and report recommendations at general business meetings. The following standing committees were established. See attached list for committee members.
    • Economic Development/Business
    • Organizational
    • Promotional/Events


A new printing of the PVA brochure is needed. Mike Cotton reported that the most cost-effective 4-panel printing costs $750 per 1000 copies for 2-sided, full color, 8x14. It is $500 per 3000 for 3-panel 2-sided, full color, 8x11.

We need to better define the purpose of the brochure and determine what can be removed from the 4-panel and fit in a 3-panel design. The focus of the content should address specific PVA goals and what membership offers.

Upcoming Events:

Tree Lighting in the Square : Monday, November 29 at 6:00 PM

Elementary School Chorus, Train Club display, Penacook Branch Library

Meetings: October 16

November 13

Vendor Thank You Meal

  • Teri Maxwell Crock Pot Beans
  • Alice Colby Potato Salad
  • Steve Shurtleff Bread, Rolls, Butter
  • Warren/Dianna Leary Pumpkin-Squash pies/cookies
  • Terri Culjat Cole Slaw
  • Lynne Raleigh Paper products/utensils/etc.

Please report any corrections to the lists below to lcrdesigned@msn.com.

Economic Development/Business

    • Brent Todd
    • Steve Shurtleff
    • Jennifer Gelinas
    • Teri Maxwell
    • Mike Cotton


    • Kathy Bush
    • Teri Maxwell
    • Lynne Raleigh
    • Ralph Harwood
    • Jennifer Kretovic
    • Alice Colby


    • Mike Cotton
    • Dianna Leary
    • Warren Leary

Tree Lighting

    • Teri Maxwell
    • Steve Shurtleff
    • Liz Blanchard
    • Kathy Bush
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