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Penacook Village Association Meeting
July 10, 2010
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH


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Attendance: Lois Bradley, Sumner Goldman, Marje Goldman, Peter Dodge, Mike Cotton, Steve Shurtleff, Ed Bush, Kathy Bush, Donna Marston, Ralph Harwood, and Lynne Raleigh

Farmers’ Market

  • Sources of donated raffle items were discussed. Proceeds to be used to cover fees and expenses. Additional donations are needed for later in the season. Additional funds have been collected through water sales.
  • No additional tasks need to be assigned for Monday nights. Members are asked to stop at the PVA table in the event that help is needed and to show support.
    • Vendors have been setting up with minimal assistance needed.
    • Periodic visits to tables to check with vendors about needs and suggestions.
  • Average of 150 visitors per night.
  • Publicity
    • Flyer to be distributed at market and other events.
        • July 20 - Nevers Band concert
        • August 7 - PCC Fun Fest
        • Historical Society summer events
    • High school sign will list the market during periods when the school has no events to advertise.
    • The Monitor and the Insider have not been responsive to information provided by Kathy Bush.
    • At the end of August an article of upcoming seasonal offerings should be written as a reminder that the market will continue through October 18.
    • Continue with listings in the Merrimack Valley Voice and on WMUR. and radio.
  • The Contoocook River Association requested table space. Requests have been received from other non-profits. Providing space for non-farmer tables has been put on hold for this year.
  • One-time and craft vendor requests have been denied to date. Parameters for accepting new vendors should be determined during the next meeting.
  • Warren and Dianna Leary have placed directional signs weekly and increased the number of signs.

We’ve Got Talent: Mike Cotton suggested a new event for PVA to coordinate - a talent contest for area communities (Penacook - Webster - Boscawen - Salisbury).

  • Two audition nights during the farmers’ market to pick 15 top acts. Probable dates: August 23 and August 30 starting at 5:30.
  • Final competition in September at Rolfe Park or the high school field.
  • Registration to audition would be available at the market or online.
  • Boy Scouts may scoop ice cream to earn community service hours as a fundraiser for PVA.
  • The City and school have to be contacted to learn about fees for the park.
  • An MC and judges are needed.

Flyer: Mike Cotton has been asked to create a new flyer of summer events to be distributed during events such as the Nevers Band in Rolfe Park.

Businesses: Members of the business community are concerned about what membership offers. Some suggestions to be considered:

  • Decals identifying businesses as supporters of PVA
  • Membership cards for PVA members for discounts at business members
  • Coupons for offers and discounts
  • Enhanced web listing on the business page.
  • Business subcommittee should be formed to flesh out ideas and expand business connections.

Flower Barrels in Penacook: Peter Dodge reported that

  • 26 flower barrels have been placed in the Village area.
  • The list of participating businesses and the donations will be provided next week when all donations have been collected.
  • The American Legion has covered the cost of barrels set out to fill empty spaces.
  • Volunteers are needed to water three barrels placed in areas without an active business.
  • Pete will keep the barrels fertilized.

Hearings: The hearing seeking a variance to allow the continuation of the market at the Rolfe Homestead is scheduled for August 4. Petitions in support of the variance and attendance at the hearing were discussed.

Next Meeting: August 14
Possible topics:
       Organizational model
       Vendor parameters

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