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Penacook Village Association Meeting
May 8, 2010
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH


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Attendees: Theresa Maxwell, Peter Dodge, Dottie Dodge, Sumner Goldman, Marje Goldman, Terri Culjat, Mike Cotton, Liz Blanchard, Steve Shurtleff, Warren Leary, Dianna Leary, Melinda Cotter, Jennifer Kretovic, Alice Colby, Ed Bush, Kathy Bush, Donna Marston, Ralph Harwood, Lynne Raleigh

Association Business:

Minutes for the April meeting were accepted.

The treasurer reported a balance of $564.56 at the close of April.

Farmers’ Market: From Mike Cotton:

McDonald’s Night

  • McDonald’s Night is Tuesday, May 25 between 5 and 7:00 PM. PVA will receive 20% of the proceeds for that time period.
  • Jennifer Kretovic has created a logo. A revised version will be provided to Mike Cotton for a flyer.
  • PR efforts, which have already been completed, were detailed.
  • Flyers should be picked up at the Rolfe Homestead on May 17 at 6:30 for neighborhood distribution.
  • Raffle gifts are needed. Send any questions or information to Mike Cotton (merrimackvalleyvoice@comcast.net.

Farmers’ Market

  • Nine farmers have signed up and four others are currently undecided.
  • The vendors will be set up on the driveway side of the Rolfe Homestead.
  • Flyers will be prepared for distribution in neighborhoods and Penacook Elementary School.
  • Kathy Bush needs the flyers by June 7 for PES distribution.
  • Flyers can be picked up at the June 12 meeting for neighborhood distribution.
  • Market details will be finalized at the June monthly meeting.
  • A dress rehearsal will be held on June 14. Logistical concerns will be addressed; no product will be sold.
  • The grand opening is scheduled for June 21.
  • Signage
    • Signs to the Rolfe Homestead are being developed by Dianna and Warren Leary.
    • The flyer may be blown up for display at school entrances.
  • A grand opening drawing was suggested as part of the PR effort. The prize would be a ‘gift card’ to be used at the next market.
  • Musical entertainment will be investigated for future market days.
  • The Farmers Market Promotion Project, a grant application process, was reviewed. Because this grant possibility was discovered just days before the due date, PVA could not apply for the 2010 program. This will be revisited next year.
  • Merrimack County Savings Bank is donating grant money for the start up of the Market.


The board will review the revisions suggested by Ralph Harwood and Jennifer K and provided final content to Mike Cotton. The first edition of the brochure will be available at the June meeting. Additional copies will be available from Mike Cotton and a PDF version will be added to the website.

Flowers in Penacook: From Peter Dodge

  • Penacook businesses in the village between Apple House and the bridge will be approached starting next week about supporting the barrel program. The charge will be $45. There are 28 barrels available.
  • The plantings for Boudreau Square will be completed by Memorial Day.
  • No flags were purchased for the village due to the future construction plans (underground power lines).
  • Clean Up Day will be announced via email as soon as a date has been decided by the American Legion.


Ralph Harwood detailed two budget hearings that should be attended by interested Penacook residents.

  • June 1: Bus Routes
  • June 3: Library Branch
  • The final hearing will be schedule for the end of June.

Next Meeting: June 12, 2010, at 9:00 am at the Rolfe House.

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