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Penacook Village Association

February 13, 2010

Rolfe House, 11 Penacook Street

Penacook, NH

Meeting Minutes

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Attendees: Steve Shurtleff, Todd Brent, Wes Frost, Pete Dodge, Albert Brochu, Jennifer Kretovic, Marge Goldman, Nancy Nylen, Deitz Heins, Mark Coen, Lynne Raleigh, Ralph Harwood, Teri Maxwell, Kathy Bush, Ed Bush, Mike Cotton, Alex Moody, and Ed Roberge, guest speaker.


Route 3 Corridor Update


Ed Roberge, Community Development City Engineer for the City of Concord presented updates on

  • Rt. 3 Corridor improvements and their effect on the Village.
  • Phase 3 of a six-phase improvement plan is now in final design for Lake Street to Palm Street.
  • Penacook Village between Start Street and Boscawen is phase 6 which is scheduled for 2012.
  • Discussions about underground utility lines have begun with utility representatives including cost sharing possibilities and concerns for businesses along this part of the corridor.
  • Traffic safety, capacity and accidents along this part of the corridor are being studied.
  • One or two signals (at Village and East Streets and at Village and Washington Streets) are being studied.
  • The village center intersection may be redesigned for traffic calming which will improve pedestrian safety. This will take into account the impact on both parking and access to businesses.
  • Concerns were raised about pedestrian and traffic safety at the Lilac-to-Washington transition zone from residential to village/business.
  • Alternatives will be tested for both safety and traffic flow before finalizing plans for the village.
  • The City recognizes the uniqueness and the opportunities of Penacook Village and these will be incorporated into the planning process.
  • Final design review with area residents and businesses is likely to happen in 2011.
  • The paving program for all of Concord has been slowed by the effects of a weak economy. Refurbishing water and sewer lines and repaving are in the planning stage, possibly for summer 2010. The focus is on the Community Drive and High Street area.
  • Feedback and participation are encouraged. Meetings are listed on the calendar on the City of Concord website. (On www.ci.concord.nh.us, click the Calendar, City Government link at the top.) You can email comments and questions to engineering@concordnh.gov or call 603-225-8520.

Association Business:


Treasurer’s Report: Balance of $548.56


ReThinking Main Street: Jennifer Kretovic explained the campaign to redesign Main Street for both economic benefits and functionality. Visit www.mainstreetconcord.com for more information. Three upcoming information sessions will be held at Red River Theatres. Jennifer will ask Jessica Eshleman to speak at the next PVA meeting so that we can learn from Main Street’s concepts and techniques as a way to help our efforts in Penacook.


PVA brochure: Mike Cotton shared a sample 4-fold version and several people offered suggested content. Additional minor redesign elements were discussed. An initial small printing will be done by Mike as more changes are likely after the first release.


Periodic revisions to the one-page flyer will be continued on a quarterly basis (January, April, July, October). Revisions will include an updated list of local events and a noticeable change of color to reflect the season. Distribution possibilities were discussed.


Farmers' Market: Mike Cotton has been discussing possibilities and interest in a market with several organizations and farmers in the area. He needed a better definition to present to farmers:

  • Day of Week: Monday is the least saturated
  • Time: 4:30 - 7:00 PM is the preferred time for farmers
  • Location: Visibility, accessibility and space are key issues. The city parking area next to Chief’s is a likely candidate.
  • Proposed start date: June 7 or June 21.
  • Table/space fee will be used to cover marketing costs. Other markets’ fees will be investigated.

East Street Name Change: Steve Shurtleff will explore the name change from East Street back to Canal Street.


Overnight parking in the Village: Steve Shurtleff is addressing the overnight parking restrictions in the village. Lifting the restrictions could be a stimulus for second floor usage of commercial buildings in the redevelopment zone.


Next Meeting: March 13, 2010, at Rolfe House.
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