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Penacook Village Association
Annual Meeting
January 9, 2010
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH


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Attendees: Steve Shurtleff, Todd Brent, Jennifer Kretovic, Summer Goldman, Marge Goldman, Lynne Raleigh, Lee Colby, Alice Colby, Lois Bradley, Rick Jaques, Dianna Leary, Warren Leary, Ralph Harwood, Teri Maxwell, Kathy Bush, Ed Bush, Terry Culjat, Alex Moody, Jean Clark, Wendy Follansbee, and Matt Walsh, guest speaker.

Association Business:

  • Minutes from November 14, 2009 meeting were approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report was approved with a balance of $528.56
  • Refreshments, printing costs and other general expenses for meetings and projects can be taken from the general account.
  • Periodic revisions to the one-page flyer will be continued. Revisions will include updated list of local events and a noticeable change of color to reflect the season.

Tannery Site Status

Matt Walsh, Assistant for Special Projects, City of Concord, reviewed the status of the two tannery sites.

  • Crescent Street triangle. DEW Construction of Williston, VT, (www.dewcorp.com) is designing a 10,000 sq. ft. medical office for Concord Hospital which will be the new home of the Penacook Family Physicians. This will be a one story building with parking at the corner of Crescent and East Streets. Construction should start in June or July, 2010 and be available by March 2011. The city will rebuild the water system in this area and move utility poles across the street to a city-owner property between Walnut and McCoy. The intersection of East, Crescent and Walnut will be squared and sidewalks added. No traffic signals are planned.
  • Grants are being processed to fund the removal of additional contaminates on the tannery site.
  • The future of the tannery site opposite the Crescent Street triangle is still uncertain.
  • Immediate and longterm traffic issues in the center of the Village were discussed. The city continues to work through the Rt 3 corridor plan which will address some issues. Traffic problems will be influenced by the development of the tannery site. Concerns should be brought up with the Traffic Engineer.
  • TIF (Tax Increment Financing) is being used to finance Penacook development. The TIF district is now being defined.
  • No discussions have been held about the future of the Gabrielli site, the current location of the Penacook Family Physicians.
  • Rivco re-development is an unknown quantity because of obsolete manufacturing buildings and the need for Macoy Street improvements.

Other Topics

Kathy asked about the brochure to be produced by Mike Cotton and expressed the hope that it could be completed by the February meeting. Mike needs to get the PVA an estimate for reimbursement of printing costs for the quarterly flyer and brochure when completed.

Kathy reviewed a timeline of the PVA’s history, events and accomplishments. A discussion followed as to whether members of the PVA want to participate in Concord TV’s non-profit forum show. A couple people would have to step forward to participate and be spokespersons for the PVA. PVA members would still like to see a food store at the Tannery Site.

“Topics for Discussion” followed and it was decided that the best approach to tackling the list was to create committees, group like tasks together, and ask for volunteers to serve on the committees. Highlighted topics were:

  1. Farmers' Market - Mike Cotton is talking with potential vendors.
  2. Community Garden - A group has planned to plant flowers with the help of school children in the Rolfe Park area.
  3. Defining Neighborhoods - Ralph and Kathy have maps and will work together to define boundaries for Penacook.
  4. Snow Angels - Jennifer K. explained the snow angel project to remind residents about clearing snow from sidewalks in Concord and Penacook. You must register the sidewalk with Concord 20/20. They will let Concord General Services know not to plow that area. Volunteers must clear the whole block, not just the walk in front of their homes to register as a snow angel.
  5. Pedestrian Safety - Residents need to come up with a list of sites that create chronic safety issues. The list will be presented to the General Services Department, so they will make the areas safer for pedestrians and residents. The members of T-PAC (Transportation, Pedestrian Advisory Committee) will bring up the PVA’s concern over snow removal and pedestrian accidents that have occurred over the last few months.
  6. Social Events - Possible events might include “Music and Munchies”, Old Home Days, a Parade, or possibly a dance for adults after Applefest.
  7. Toxic Chemicals from the Incinerator will be addressed at a future meeting.
  8. Community Program - Get the community involved in a large scale project to support a non-profit organization, like CROP Walk, Friends of Forgotten Children, or the Easter Seals Home.
  9. Library Book Program - Since the city budget this fiscal year had zero dollars for new book purchases, the library has a link at their website to purchase books and donate them to the city’s libraries.
  10. Flower Barrels - The PVA will ask Peter Dodge of the American Legion if they will ask businesses to purchase flower barrels again this year, or if he wants the PVA to take over this project.
  11. Murray Farms Tour - The PVA will arrange another tour of the Murray Farms Greenhouses just before Mother’s Day. David Murray conducts the tour and offers useful gardening tips.
  12. Steve Shurtleff asked if the PVA would be interested in pursuing a name change for East St. to Canal St. as it was named Canal St. in the past, and to go along with the commercial/industrial connection to the Tannery site. Kathy wanted to ask any residents on East St. how they felt about a name change before going ahead with a request.

Next Meeting: February 13, 2010 at Rolfe House.

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