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Penacook Village Association Meeting
November 14, 2009
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH


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Attendees: Steve Shurtleff, Liz Blanchard, Todd Brent, Jennifer Kretovic, Summer Goldman, Dianna Leary, Warren Leary, Ralph Harwood, Teri Maxwell, Kathy Bush, Terry Culjat, Nancy Girard, guest speaker.

Association Business:

  • Minutes from October 17, 2009 meeting were approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report was approved with a balance of $523.54

Coop Food Store in Penacook

Nancy Girard, Board Member of Concord Coop, spoke to the group about the operations and expansion of the Coop over the last few years.

  • Explained the Coop’s funding expansion, member loans and banks.
  • Hired new General Manager with Grocery experience.
  • Sales grew from 1m to 6 m in last few years.
  • Look for local products to sell – meat, produce, and food.
  • Purchased building to expand further.
  • Reach out to the community: Educational Classes, Food Tasting, and Community Projects.
  • Charge a Membership fee, but allow anyone to shop.

Nancy suggested several steps to take to create a food coop in Penacook:

  • Create a budget to start the project.
  • Investigate grants to fund the project.
  • Seek advice of local developer for ideas and projected costs.
  • Meet with city to discuss plans.

Penacook Tree Lighting

Final details were discussed for the Penacook Tree Lighting on November 30th.

  • Teri Maxwell will make signs to put on the square.
  • Meet at 5:30 at Boudreau Square on November 30th.
  • Mrs. Hashem has the PES chorus scheduled to sing several songs.
  • Liz Blanchard’s family will also sing and bring a sound system.
  • Flyers will be distributed around town, and notices will appear in the newspapers to publicize the event.
  • Cookies are being donated.
  • Train display is in the works and will be installed before Nov. 30 th.

Other Business

There was some discussion about the next flyer, progress on the brochure and any new information about the Farmer’s Market, but Mike Cotton was not present, so this was unresolved.

There was also some discussion about the Grocery Store or Food Coop project being kept separate from the PVA. The PVA has an interest in any development at the Tannery Site, but doesn’t want to be involved in creating a store or coop.

Next Meeting: January 9 2010, at Rolfe House. It was voted that this should be our annual meeting; members should bring food to meeting.

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