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Penacook Village Association Meeting
September 12, 2009
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH


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Attendees: Mike Cotton, Teri Maxwell, Brent Todd, Jennifer Kretovic (Concord 20/20), Ralph Harwood, Steve Shurtleff, Alice Colby, Lynne Raleigh, Sumner Goldman, Marge Goldman

Association Business:

  • Minutes: The August 8, 2009, minutes were accepted.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s report was approved with a balance of $423.54. Separate membership lists will be maintained for individuals and businesses. The membership form was approved and will be finalized by Teri Maxwell and sent to Lynne Raleigh to be converted to PDF and made available on the website in addition to paper form at the next meeting. Membership dues are being collected and can be mailed to the PVA, Box 6174, Penacook NH 03303.
  • New Board Member: Phil Latvis has agreed to be a Board member, completing the full complement of nine members.
  • Flyers:
    • The single-page flyer will be updated with new calendar events and a ‘seasonal’ appearance change. Completion is targeted for October 3.
  • Brochure:
    • Jennifer Kretovic has provided Mike Cotton with the brochure material and photos.
    • Additional direction was provided to Mike about content approvals and photos so that he can complete this task.


The possibility of starting a food co-op in Penacook was discussed. Area food store corporations will not come to Penacook because of their proximity to Concord shopping clusters. Considerations for a co-op include size, location, what it offers local shoppers (such as travel distance/convenience, discounted product), what it offers to Penacook (such as bringing people to the Village, the effect on other stores in the Village). Brent Todd will contact Nancy Girard of the Concord Food Co-op about a presentation.

Upcoming Events:

  • Applefest: It was decided that there is insufficient time and volunteers to carry out the Penacook Pumpkin People at Penacook Elementary School on October 3. Participation in this event has been deferred to next year. Alice Colby and Lynne Raleigh will attend the Applefest and distribute flyers if the flyers are available. A request for additional volunteers will be emailed with the draft minutes.
  • Holiday Train Display: Mike Cotton will contact the Train Club to see if they are interested in putting a train display in a Village storefront in December.

Other Issues:

  • The local business involvement discussion was deferred to a future meeting.
  • Participation in this year’s Main Street Concord “Scarecrows on Main” contest was tabled. The general feeling was to focus our efforts in Penacook first.
  • Defining Penacook neighborhoods was deferred. Steve Shurtleff did provide two copies of ward maps.

Action Items:

  • Farmers Market: A task force is being formed to set up a farmers market in the Village with a target start of June 2010. Mike Cotton will speak with several farms and other sources in the area.
  • Downtown Concord Storefront Display: This initiative for displays in vacant storefronts was discussed. It was agreed that Kathy Bush should move the application process forward if she has not done so to date. There is sufficient time to develop a display for use in a Village storefront and used again for the Concord initiative.

Suggestions for Future Action:

  • A Penacook parade was discussed.

Next meeting: October 17, 2009

Note: The Rolfe House will not be available for this meeting. Lynne Raleigh will contact United Church of Penacook and the Penacook Community Center to see if space is available.

Proposed meeting: November 14

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