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Penacook Village Association Meeting
August 8, 2009
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH


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Attendees: Lois Bradley, Kathy Bush, Ed Bush, Alice Colby, Mike Cotton, Sherry Cotton, Terri Culjat, Sumner Goldman, Marge Goldman, Ralph Harwood, Jennifer Kretovic, Concord 20/20, Teri Maxwell, Lynne Raleigh, Steve Shurtleff, Brent Todd

Association Business:

  • Minutes: The July 11, 2009, minutes were accepted.
  • Treasurer’s Report: A balance of $480.00 was reported. Local merchants and others donated $1,260 for flower barrels in the Village and this amount was paid to Murray Farms Greenhouse.
  • Sample membership form: A new form to accompany membership payment was reviewed and changes suggested. Teri Maxwell will incorporate changes and bring a new sample for the September meeting.
  • Flyers:
    • Most of the 200 flyers were distributed at local events and left at locations such as the library and the pharmacy. The remaining flyers were taken to distribute at the boat parade.
    • Updating the flyers for monthly distribution was discussed.
    • Jennifer Kretovic will forward the flyer template to Mike Cotton who will revise the layout.
  • Brochure:
    • A request has been made for more pictures of the Village with people in the scene.
    • The work currently completed by Jennifer will be passed on to Mike for completion.

Upcoming Events:

  • Main Street Quarterly Meeting: People were invited to attend the meeting on Tuesday, August 11 at 7:45 AM.
  • Downtown Concord Storefront Display: Kathy Bush is working on an application to display information about Penacook and the PVA as part of the Vacant Storefront Display Initiative sponsored by Main Streeet Concord. This initiative places temporary window displays in select vacant Main Street storefronts on a rotating basis.
    • It was suggested that a similar display be prepared for a storefront in Penacook Village.
  • Farmers Market: There has been no response from the market representative.
  • Applefest: This Penacook Elementary School fundraiser will be held October 3, 2009.
    • Kathy Bush suggested that a non-fundraising activity be sponsored by PVA.
    • Possible activity: Scarecrows created by children and displayed in the village.
    • Possible Follow-up: Scavenger hunt style search for displayed scarecrows around the Village. In flower barrels?

Action Items:

  • Safe Routes: Merrimack Valley School District is requesting to become a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) community [National Center for Safe Routes to School - www.saferoutesinfo.org]. Issues for PVA were discussed:
    • Why SRTS? Need to encourage walkers; priority snow removal
    • There are several components in the process where PVA can contribute or provide input.
      • Determine an inclusive set of designated routes
      • Plan an event to promote the program in Penacook
      • Present PVA preferences to City Council
      • Increase priority for snow plowing walkways before the SRTS process is completed
      • Include safety issues for bikers to the elementary school
  • Defining Penacook’s Neighborhoods
    • Steve Shurtleff will look into maps for Wards 1, 2 and 3 as a start to defining Penacook boundaries.
  • Ways to improve communication
    • General meeting in January 2010 as a social event to draw more people to PVA
    • Teri Maxwell will request a table at the Concord Model Railroad Club event on August 23.


Next meeting: Septembere 12, 2009

Proposed meeting: October 17, 2009


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