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Penacook Village Association Meeting
July 11, 2009
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH


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Attendees: Ralph Harwood, Peter Dodge, Terri Culjat, Sumner Goldman, Marge Goldman, Ed Bush, Kathy Bush, Teri Maxwell, Liz Blanchard, Lois Bradley, Steve Shurtleff, Lynne Raleigh, Mike Cotton of Merrimack Valley Voice, Brent Todd of Concord 20/20

Association Business

  • Bank Account Update: A checking account has been opened at the local Citizens Bank branch with an initial deposit of $645. Jennifer Kretovic and Kathy Bush are authorized to sign checks; the new treasurer, Teri Maxwell, will be added. Additional deposits will be arranged from other sources. Monies come from a Concord 2020 grant, flower barrel collection, and slogan contest donations.
  • Mailing Address: Kathy Bush has the key for the PO box. [Subsequently given to Teri Maxwell.]
  • EIN: An Employer Identification Number (Federal Tax Identification Number) has been obtained to be used for 501(c)(3) filing.
  • Dues: An annual membership dues of $5.00 per person was approved to start on September 1. Because local businesses have contributed to the flower barrels and will be asked to contribute to the brochure publication, a business membership of $5.00 was proposed for this year.

Flyer Distribution

The first PVA flyer, created and revised by Jennifer Kretovic and printed by Mike Cotton, was reviewed and accepted without further changes. Flyers are to be distributed by Terri Culjat and Ralph Harwood to locations including the library, the Penacook Pharmacy, and Chief’s, and at local events such as the Nevers Band at Rolfe Park and the Boat Parade.

Discussion about future brochure editions:

  • Concerned about dated appearance. Need to update calendar sidebar in August or by Labor Day at the latest.
  • Alter appearance for each edition:
    • Use noticeably different background color for calendar for different seasons
    • Add ‘feature box’ with an upcoming event or point of interest
  • Next year share booth with other organization(s) at the Main Street Market Days and distribute literature. Jennifer can be used as an information source for this.

Tannery Update

In August or September there may be an announcement at City Council about interest in one of the Tannery parcels. The food store is still being explored as well.

Flower Barrels

Flowers were donated by Murray’s and have been planted in the square by Dottie and Peter Dodge. Merchants have donated 28 flower barrels which have been placed from the bridge to the hair salon. Peter reported he would have all the donations collected by the end of the weekend and would turn over $1260 to the treasurer for deposit. A list of donors will be placed in the Merrimack Valley newspaper. Peter has suggested members help clean up and weed public areas that need attention in the village.

Farmer’s Market

Still in process and trying to obtain potential dates.

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, July 14, Nevers Band at Rolfe Park.
  • Riverhill Grange Community Hall on Horse Hill Road is being reactivated and made more usable for community use. The National Grange owns the property and there was concern that it should remain active and available to the public. Election of officers and continued discussion will be held on July 22 at 6:00 PM at the Grange. Peter Dodge will provide updates.
  • Contoocook River Association will hold a boat parade on August 8 at 11 AM in honor of their 100th anniversary.

Penacook Branch Library

Brent Todd thanked Steve Shurtleff and Liz Blanchard for their involvement and support in keeping the Penacook branch open. Thanks go out to those who attended budget meetings, to those who spoke on the issue, to those who advocated for the library. Ralph Harwood suggested that people request books and media online to be picked up at the Penacook branch to boost branch circulation. The library is open Monday afternoon/evening, Wednesday afternoon, and Saturday morning.

Board Members and Officers

Kathy Bush - President
Ralph Harwood- Vice President
Lynne Raleigh - Secretary
Teri Maxwell - Treasurer
Mike Cotton
Terri Culjat
Phil Latvis
Steve Shurtleff
Brent Todd

Sherry Cotton will assist the treasurer with setting up and reconciling accounts.

Suggestions for Future Action

  • Suggestions garnered from several discussions on topics above are listed here for future reference and research:
  • Eldercare or “non-medical care” services issues were introduced by Kathy Bush. We should explore what other communities are doing to address the needs of the elderly.
  • Brent Todd will explore the possibility of bringing back Jeffrey Taylor Associates to facilitate another session to flesh out needs and interests of the community like WiFi, a breakfast restaurant, uses for city-owned land. This event needs to be well-publicized to increase community participation in PVA.
  • Marketing and Communication:
    - Presentation or workshop for local groups including PVA, Historical Society, American Legion, church groups, and Community Center to discuss how, where, and when to advertize. Brent Todd will look into getting a marketing guest speaker who can advise the group.
    - Develop media list. Mike Cotton will provide media contact information at next meeting.
  • Suggestion for fundraiser from Peter Dodge:
    Event to be held at the American Legion. PVA would receive the entry donations while the American Legion would receive proceeds from the bar. Possibility of a jazz band for entertainment; Kathy Bush and Brent Todd know of bands that might be able to participate. It would be nice for Penacook to have a signature event that those outside the community would identify with Penacook.
  • Steve Shurtleff said he will approach the necessary parties to discuss bringing a Trader Joe’s and will recommend a special exception regarding Trader Joe’s desire to sell their own brand of wine products and the State’s prohibition against this.
  • Kathy Bush suggested that regarding the Christmas lights and future downtown Penacook projects, merchants located on the outlying areas of downtown be included.
  • A procedure is needed for submitting complaints, concerns and suggestions from the community for action by PVA.

Next Meeting: August 8th at 9 AM. Early adjournment planned so that we can attend the Contoocook River Boat Parade.

Tentatively scheduled meeting September 12

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