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Penacook Village Association Meeting
January 10, 2009
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street
Penacook, NH

Attendees: Marge Goldman, Sumner Goldman, Terri Culjat, Lynne Raleigh, Ed Bush, Kathy Bush, Ralph Harwood, Liz Blanchard, Alice Colby, Steve Shurtleff, Glenn Geiger, Brent Todd of Concord 20/20, Jennifer Kretovic of Concord 20/20

    Brent Todd of Concord 20/20 welcomed the group.
  2. TANNERY UPDATE: Brent informed the group of an email correspondence with Matt Walsh stating that December 17th, city’s Environmental Engineer conducted additional soil samples at the Tannery site. Results of the samples will not be available until mid to late January.
    1. ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE: Kathy Bush presented the draft Articles of Agreement as written by PVA Attorney Steven Whitley.
      • Members/Founding Members. According to NH State Law, a minimum of five (5) people must act as the founding members who sign and authorize the Articles of Agreement. The following persons volunteered to represent the founding members:
        Phil Latvis
        Kathy Bush
        Steve Shurtleff
        Terri Culjat
        Lynne Raleigh
      • Amendments to Articles: All references to The Penacook Village Association should be changed to Penacook Village Association with the removal of the word “The”. No additional revisions were required for Articles 2, 3 & 4.
      • Article 5, paragraph 1. Kathy will confirm with Phil use of his address as the address at which the business is to be carried. Kathy will also ask Phil to act as the Agent of the Corporation for the State.
      • Bylaws: The group will begin work on the Bylaws at the February 14th meeting. Kathy will bring “language” recommended by Attorney Whitley. The group will be able to pick and choose the manner in which the organization is run from the different options
      • BROCHURE: Jennifer presented a rough draft of the PVA Brochure. She will follow up with Matt Brown to retrieve the materials used for the original draft layout. The group felt it was important to add back in the 753 phone exchange and 03303 zip code information. The photos currently in the draft brochure cannot be used for print. The group will bring or take personal photos for use in the brochure. Everyone will be asked to bring them to the March meeting for possible use.
      • WEBSITE: Lynne reported there are not many events listed in the Calendar. She encouraged everyone to pursue other sources of for events. Steve, Sumner and Marge will speak with the Senior Center and Community Center
      • CCTV follow-up: Lynne made a one-page notice about Penacook Village Association that is running on CCTV.
    None presented.
    The March meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 14th.
Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.
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