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Penacook Village Association
June 28, 2008
9:00 a.m.
Rolfe House
11 Penacook Street, Penacook, NH

Attendees: Sumner Goldman, Marge Goldman, Carol Foss, Lynne Raleigh, Matt Brown, Liz Blanchard, Lois Bradley, Kathy Bush, Ed Bush, Ralph Harwood, Chris Johnson, Brent Todd, Jennifer Kretovic

1. Welcome and Introductions:

Brent Todd and Jennifer Kretovic of Concord 20/20 welcomed the group and presented a Letter of Congratulations from Major Jim Bouley.

Brent Todd recommended the group consider adding a Traffic Committee within the organization as a means to have input into traffic restructuring in the village as development occurs. Alex Vogt and Ron Grandmaison approached Brent. Both serve on the City of Concord Transportation Advisory Committee, work for NH DOT, reside in Penacook and are interested in participating with the organization.

2. Penacook Historic Society:

Carol Foss reminded the group of the upcoming Civil War Weekend on July 12th and 13th. More volunteers are needed to assist running the events.

Baseball History Day is scheduled for August 9th.

3. Task Force Assignments:

  • Farmers' Market: No report
  • Organization Committee: Carol Foss continued researching 501(c)3 tax status versus 501(c)4. Matt Brown will ask a friend, who is an attorney, to advise the group. He will see if she can attend the next meeting.
  • Lynne Raleigh will investigate adding a forum to the website. Jennifer Kretovic will be the moderator.
  • Sumner & Marge Goldman attended two Main Street Concord, Inc. (MSCI) Committee Meetings. The first was a Design Committee meeting that works on the visual appeal of downtown. MSCI volunteers spoke about trash and recycle bins, flower barrels, sandwich boards for businesses, newspaper boxes and grants for restoring the façade’s of buildings. Sumner and Marge also attended an Organization Committee meeting which discussed the new website and plans for a launch party with invitees from Citizens Bank who sponsored the website design.
  • Marketing & Public Relations Committee:
    • Terri Culjat provided a draft business survey for the group to review. Additional revisions and updating will be presented at the next meeting.
    • Matt Brown reported the brochure is still in development.
    • The group continued discussion of bringing back the village newspaper, The Nutshell. Newspapers in hard copy form are often difficult to coordinate and support. The group will investigate an on-line newspaper similar to The Forum, which serves the Deerfield/Northwood area.
    • Lynne Raleigh continues to update the website weekly with calendar items. She is developing a “Green” page to educate villagers about living green, recycling, etc. She is also adding items from the City website and the newspaper when appropriate and available.

4. Other Business:

  • Liz Blanchard reported that in a correspondence from Matt Walsh with the City of Concord, he stated the responses from developers for the Tannery Project should be ready for review by October.
  • Group members discussed the possibility of developing a Neighborhood Crime Watch. Jennifer Kretovic will try to arrange a presentation at the next meeting with a representative from Concord Police.
  • The group would like to further investigate traffic issues that may arise from the new development along Route
  • It was recommended the group advertise the next meeting. Kathy Bush will contact Community News for the Concord Monitor and the Insider. Sumner Goldman offered to write a Letter to the Editor.

5. Agenda Items For Next Meeting:

  • Matt Brown will invite a guest to speak about selecting a non-profit tax status
  • Jennifer Kretovic will invite a guest to speak about development of a Neighborhood Crime Watch
  • Refine Mission Statement and slogan
  • Task Force Committee Reports

The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 26, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. at Rolfe House.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

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