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Meeting at Rolfe HousePenacook Village Association
Saturday, May 31, 2008
Rolfe House

Attendees: Matt Brown, Carol Foss, Ralph Clarke Harwood, Terri Culjat, Chris Johnson, Kathy and Ed Bush, Phil Latvis, Rick Jacques, Marge and Sumner Goldman, Lynne Raleigh, Steve Shurtleff, Brent Todd, Jennifer Kretovic

Guest Speaker – Nan Hagen, Main Street Concord, Inc.

  1. Brent Todd of Concord 20/20 welcomed the group and introduced Jennifer Kretovic as the new Executive Director of Concord 20/20 as well as Nan Hagen of Main Street Concord, Inc. as the guest speaker. Carol Foss & Jennifer Kretovic agreed to take the notes of this meeting.
  2. For the benefit of new members, all attendees introduced themselves and shared their connection and interest in Penacook.
  3. The group then discussed last month’s task force assignments:
    1. Farmers Market: No updates.
    2. Penacook Historical Society: Carol Foss informed the group of several upcoming events.
      1. Work Session – that afternoon at Rolfe House
      2. Civil War Weekend, July 12th and 13th
      3. Baseball History Day, tentative for August
      4. Planning Sessions, every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at Rolfe House
        All the events are looking for volunteers to assist in the planning. If unable to volunteer, everyone is encouraged to attend.
    3. Marketing & Promotion: Matt Brown reported considerable interest from local business owners in the Association’s plan to develop a brochure. A draft version was circulated for input and proofing. Matt is continuing efforts to bring back the Penacook newsletter, The Nutshell. He has been in contact with Michelle Brochu in an effort to learn as much about the former publication, advertising contracts, etc. The Association will pursue expansion of the Community Bulletin Locations throughout the Village. Lynne Raleigh reported adding the website to Google and Yahoo which will cover approximately 98% of the search engines. She asked the group to look for opportunities to expand the Calendar of Events with other organizations in town.
    4. Business Committee: Marge Goldman and Terri Culjat reported visiting a number of business owners in an effort to increase participation in the Association. Most business owners are tentative at this time and would like to see something more tangible before making a commitment. It was noted Dr. Sam and the staff at Infinite Health were especially supportive and would be willing to assist with mailings or other tasks.
    5. Organization Committee: Kathy Bush and Carol Foss presented the attendees a draft mission statement, potential slogans, and options for Articles of Incorporation. The Association will need to review these items further in an effort to reach a consensus about the specific type of 501(c) Non-profit Organization, or elect For Profit status.
    6. Guest Speaker: Nan Hagen expressed how impressed she was with the Association and the progress it has made since her last visit. Nan offered to continue guidance and will share the Threshold Levels for Retail Businesses. The report provides an estimate population base needed to support specific retail stores. It should help the group in developing a list of businesses they would like to recruit to Penacook. Nan suggested Retail Clustering as another possible means of business recruitment. As an example, Downtown Concord has a Bridal Cluster with the two bridal stores, tuxedo store, jewelers, printers, florist, etc. all located downtown. Nan also recommended the Association consider joining the National Trust – Main Street Center. Main Street Community designation is not required. An annual membership fee would allow access to the same information Main Street Communities use in their revitalization efforts. Association volunteers were invited to attend Main Street Concord’s upcoming committee meetings.
  4. Task Force Assignments/Updates for Next Meeting: The following committee recommendations were made:
    1. Farmers Market Update : Pat Harbour
    2. Organization Committee: Kathy Bush and Carol Foss
      • Tax Staus Review "
      • Main Street Concord meeting attended by PVA volunteers
    3. Marketing & Public Relations Committee: Matt Brown and Terri Culjat
      • Brochure update
      • Newsletter update
      • Website update
  5. The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 28, at 9:00 a.m. at the Rolfe House.
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