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Penacook Village Association
Saturday, March 29, 2008
Penacook Community Center
Attendees: Steve Shurtleff, Liz Blanchard, Matt Walsh, Matt Brown, Lynne Raleigh, Marge and Sumner Goldman, Arthur Muzzey, Kevin Wason, John Jordan, Terri Culjat, Jim Bergeron, Jean Clark, Ellen Langlais, Phil Latvis, Ted Holsted, Mary Kimball, Brent Todd, Deb Stohrer
  1. Brent Todd of Concord 20/20 welcomed the group and reviewed what has precipitated this meeting.
  2. All attendees introduced themselves and shared their connection and interest in Penacook.
  3. Matt Walsh provided updates to the tannery, Rt. 3 and food store projects. See Updates section below.
  4. The group then brainstormed ideas for activities and an identity of the organization. Below are the ideas shared.
    1. Organize Events such as Apple Fest. Work with the schools in this effort
    2. Solicit Support and maintain contact with community groups and businesses, such as the Carter Hill apple orchard, the Penacook Historical Society, Library and the “Nutshell” (find a way to restart it).
    3. Bring a farmers’ market to the village.
    4. Bring back parades like the old Memorial Day Parades to include the HS Band, develop more links with the High School.
    5. Have a “Birthday Party” for Penacook.
    6. Develop and encourage new interests in the river and trails; get good pictures of the sites for promotional purposes/web site.
    7. Hold a road/bike race.
    8. Plan a “winter” project that might include snow sculptures, igloo building, skating.
    9. Ideas for an organization slogan/mission statement were discussed. The slogans included:
      1. “For the Betterment of Penacook Village”
      2. “Building a Better Community in Penacook”
      3. “It Takes a Community to Raise a Village”
      4. “Promoting Our Community”
      5. Promote the idea “Get Involved”
  5. Other items identified as needing to be addressed included road signage, developing a logo and obtaining marketing/publicity assistance, and developing a fundraising mechanism.
  6. The following tasks were assigned:
    1. Matt Brown, Terri Culjat and Lynne Raleigh will work on marketing and promotional ideas.
    2. John Jordan will look into what it takes to get a farmers’ market.
    3. Sumner Goldman will contact Lewis Farm.
    4. Matt Walsh will contact NHDOT about posting signs on the state roadways directing travels to Penacook.
    5. Everyone was encouraged to be thinking about and researching ideas for the organization to report back during the next meeting.
The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 3, 9:00 a.m.

Updates on City Activities for the Village
A summary of current events related to the City's various activities / initiatives for the Village.
Tannery Demolition:  On March 10, 2008 the City Council appropriated $375,000 for demolition of the Penacook Mill and various activities related thereto.  Demolition was to commence by mid March, but was postponed to the week of April 7th to allow for additional melting of snow to occur at the site.  The City hopes to complete the demolition by mid to late June.  Once the Demolition is completed the City will offer the property for redevelopment.  The City is cautiously optimistic about attracting a new developer to the property as its has received serious inquiries from numerous parties.
Crescent Street Grocery Store Update:  Negotiations are ongoing between the City and the prospective Developer / Grocer for the property.  Though the City is hopeful that an agreement can be reached, in the event negotiations do not reach a successful conclusion the City will "package" this property with the Penacook Mill and offer them together for redevelopment.  Should the project proceed, the grocery store would be roughly 20,000 SF in size (or roughly the size of the Storrs Street Market Basket in Downtown Concord).

Route 3 Corridor Reconstruction:  The City Council will hold a public hearing to appropriate the first installment of funding for reconstruction of the Route 3 North Corridor on May 12th.  Staff is seeking $1.285 million for reconstruction of that portion of the Corridor between Bog and Borough Roads.  Improvements for this section include removal of the concrete slab, installation of traffic signal at Bog Road, extensive sidewalk and streetscape improvements, as well as complete reconstruction of the road bed and pavement.  Assuming the funding is appropriated by the City Council, construction would commence later this summer.  In total, complete reconstruction of the entire Route 3 North Corridor (i.e. from Downtown Concord to the Boscawen Town Line) is a multi-year effort with a total estimated cost in excess of $8.5 million.

Matthew R. Walsh
Assistant for Special Projects
City of Concord
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