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Penacook Visioning
Saturday, February 9, 2008

Penacook Community Center
Facilitated by Concord 20/20

This meeting focused on

  1. An update of the Route 3 Corridor Study presented by Ed Roberge, City Engineer.
  2. A review of earlier visioning meetings with follow-up information on two suggestions actions which have been moving forward.
    1. Welcome signs have been installed at two of the three proposed entry points into the village.
      Installation Day at the fire station Left: Welcome sign at Manor Fire Station. Volunteers working Oct. 27, 2007 to install two welcome signs were Nancy Berliner, Dan Black, Terrie Culjat, Jessica Duval, Ellie Fife, Julie Fournier, Steve Shurtleff, Brent Todd, and Matt Walsh
    2. Sample Penacook website available for review and suggestions.
  3. The City Council agendas regarding the tannery, grocery stor, and Route 3 was discussed with suggestions about giving public testimony.
    1. February 11: Receive reports
    2. March 10: Public hearings
  4. The next step is to get organized by identifying issues of concern, identifying leaders, and establishing a plan.
    1. A tentative name for the organization is Penacook Village Association.
    2. March 22, 2008, was set for the next meeting when organization of the association will be discussed further.
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