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Business Survey – Results from October, 2008

1.) What do you find represents the “best” of Penacook? Why?
- Friendly, easy to work with people
- Small town feel, yet close to Concord
- Hard working, family oriented, prideful people
- Small town stores – not big box
- Monuments – Downtown and Hannah Dustin
- Accessibility to walk to stores & services, schools
- Rich history, Rolfe Museum
- Penacook Community Center

2.) What three things would you like to see improved in Penacook? Why?
- Downtown should be beautified and revitalized by flower buckets all around. Storefronts cleaned up and utilities underground to improve aesthetics.
- More parking. No time limits
- Improve road conditions
- Traffic control for speed. Some say no lights, others want a light at Washington & Village, Bog and Fisherville.
- Improved lighting
- Covered bus stops
- Snow removal. City rarely gets to this part of town for sidewalks and parking areas.
- Resolve Christmas lighting issue to make sure all poles light up
- Place for kids to spend time and hang out

3.) What three things or services would you like to see added in Penacook and why?
- Grocery store (most requested)
- Café / breakfast diner (second most requested
- Community events such as fairs, music, Farmer’s Market, Applefest
- Youth facility – maybe an expanded Penacook Community Center
- More parking
- Sidewalk on Borough Road
- Clothing Store
- Movie Theatre
- Liquor Store
- Satellite Medical Lab
- 24 hr. Pharmacy

To involve citizens in enhancing the quality of life, protecting the historic character, and fostering economic vitality in Penacook Village.
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