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Thoughts on the Future – A Vision for Penacook!
Below are the results collected so far from the Penacook survey.

So it is now May in 2020, 13 lucky years from now. Those perky little kindergarteners from the fall of 2007 are getting ready for their high school graduation!

What three things do you really hope have remained exactly as they are today in Penacook?

  • The architecture of the downtown buildings**
  • The sense of community**
  • The presence of vital services in the downtown (bank, hardware, pharmacy, doctors, dentists)
  • he friendly people
  • he Village! Tight, dense, walkable with lots of infill
  • iver access
  • he Library – Keep the branch in the Village
  • reedom Weavers Shop
  • ring back the Apple Festival
  • ong term residents contribute to a sense of community
  • Walking trails
  • Fibre Mill should become a business incubator, maybe live/work space
Are there three things that you see as emerging problems that you hope have been managed successfully and improved upon?
  • Continued/increasing dependence on the automobile, fewer children walking to school
  • Too much greenfield development
  • Fewer opportunities to interact with members of the community.
  • No big supermarket, but yes to a smaller grocery store/food coop sounds good: 20,000 sf!
  • Traffic needs to be controlled.
  • Access to I-93 at Concord Monitor: Exit 16.5
  • We need the traffic light back at Washington and Village Streets (?)
  • More rubber tired public transit, south to Downtown and north to Franklin
  • Traffic in the Village center
  • More housing options for 20 and 30 year olds
  • Proposed removal of parking in front of the Pharmacy
  • Vacant lots adjacent to the hardware store
  • Improved sidewalks and pedestrian safety
  • Need a sidewalk and bike lane to Fisherville/30 Pines
  • Control growth!
  • Need to be sensitive to existing landmarks: Pharmacy, hardware store
  • Improve City to Business communications
  • Need special apartments for those with special needs
  • Need more entertainment sites: bowling, movie theater, other recreation (skateboard park at Rolfe?)
  • Need longer walk lights for pedestrians
  • Need sidewalks with h/c ramps
  • Need to convert old Fire Station to a new Library
  • Need to promote Penacook as a destination
  • Need more landscaping
  • Need a PARKING PLAN!!

Do you have specific thoughts on any of the following?

Along Village Street…Ideas for improving traffic and pedestrian flow in Boudreau Square?

  • Do not eliminate the parking in front of the pharmacy/doctor’s offices
  • Brick sidewalks, street lighting, generally improved streetscape

Ideas for the vacant parcels on either side of Fox’s Hardware Store?

  • Infill retail/commercial, with residential above

New uses for the Fibre Mill next to the Contoocook River? Housing?

  • Business incubator is a great idea
  • Lofts w/stacked modulars, efficiencies and 1 bedrooms

Along East Street…New uses for the vacant land on the north side, between Chief’s and the Tannery?

  • Keep parking available**
  • Build a foot bridge to the fibre mill
  • Improve the area with trees and plantings
  • Patio w/mini park, granite tables w/checker boards on top

New uses for the California Fields/Grocery Store lot at the corner of Crescent Street? Thoughts on design?

  • Grocery store!!
  • City should buy the land in Boscawen and use some for grocery and balance for a park/riverwalk
  • Food store/farmers market

New uses for the vacant City property at the Corner of Walnut and East Street?

  • Keep it green!**
  • Gateway to community (sign? Welcome to Penacook! www.penacook.org?)
  • Use to realign East Street for a grocery store if necessary. Other wise green.
  • Make it a park

Other Areas? Other Issues?

  • There should be recreation and park land south of Borough Road for the apartment/mobile home park residents there.
  • A street tree program for residential areas that provides for replacement trees as needed.
  • A green infrastructure plan (including street trees) but also addressing pocket parks and natural areas connecting to the larger conservation area and trail network.
  • I love the WIFI idea!
  • Future of Hoyt Electric? Retail? Housing? Green space?
  • Take one of the large parcels on Fisherville Road and make a park
  • Put paddle boats on the river

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