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Penacook Visioning
Saturday, June 9, 2007

United Church of Penacook
Sponsored by Concord 20/20

At a planning session, three dozen interested citizens from the Village of Penacook (and beyond!)

  1. Randy E. Knowles, ASLA, of Knowles Design presented Your Vision for Penacook, long term landscaping plans for
    1. Boudreau Square
    2. East Street
    3. Grocery Store
    4. Village Street
  2. Jeff Taylor/Matt Walsh/Randy Knowles presented Tweaking Your Vision. Knowles Design’s plans focused on how best to take advantage of improvements that the City will likely be undertaking along Fisherville Road/Route 3/Village Street in the next 5 to 7 years. In addition to the Tannery redevelopment, the City is also intending to solicit grocery store proposals for the intersection of East Street and Crescent Street.
  3. Penacook's Potential and Future - How to Get There
    1. Village Organization: Kimberly Shepard, President, Abbott-Downing Neighborhood Association in South Concord, explained in detail how her group had achieved significant improvements in their neighborhood by being pro-active, by doing things themselves and not waiting for them to be performed by City Hall. She agreed to act as a mentor for any such effort that people would like to initiate in Penacook.
    2. Village Greening: Nancy Berliner, Executive Director, Groundwork Concord, outlined this organization's approach to sustainable environmental change through community-based partnerships. Her organization brings together resources, volunteers, and planting materials to physically upgrade certain public and private properties with landscaping that contributes in a positive way to the overall appearance of an area. She agreed to look for resources to undertake a project in Penacook this summer.
  4. Future Looks Bright! Penacook Steering Committee Begins! Numerous people volunteered to work on defining such an initial effort, and to begin sorting out how and where a project for 2007 might occur, and what other projects might be follow-up ones to this year’s efforts. One resident even agreed to donate “Welcome to Penacook” signs that had been made by local students several years ago, but never installed. Concord 20/20 agreed to assist by hosting an initial organizational meeting in the near future.
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