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Recycling, Residential Curbside
  • Recycling is free
  • A weekly service to all Concord/Penacook residential properties that use the residential curbside service
  • Bins and educational materials to explain how the program works are available at 311 N. State St for new residents.
  • Recycling is available residents of apartment complexes.
  • Recycling can be placed in city-provided bins or in any container marked "recyclables."
    • paper, cardboard, glass jars and bottles, plastic containers and aluminum and tin cans can all be recycled.
    • Effective Monday, April 1, 2013, Concord residents who place their recycling material at the curb may place all of their recycling material in the same container for collection. Residents no longer need to separate bottles and cans from paper and cardboard. All material that the City currently recycles may be placed in the same container or containers.
    • food, yard waste and plastic bags cannot be recycled.
    • yard waste will not be collected in the summer*
    • leaves will be vacuumed from the curb in the fall
    • yard waste,placed in biodegradable bags, will be picked up weekly in the spring
    • yard waste can be brought to the Fort Eddy Road Reprocessing Center
    • Bulky and hazardous items can be brought to the transfer station on Old Turnpike Road.
* Special short term yard waste pickup schedules may be announced periodically.
Refuse Collection

Penacook and Concord residents must pay to throw out non-recyclable trash.

Trash is collected in PAYT purple bags, which can be bought at local retailers in sleeves of five.

- $1 per 15-gallon bag which holds 10 pounds of trash

- $2 per 30-gallon bag which holds 20 pounds

Residents of single family homes and apartments with seven or fewer units that currently have curbside trash pickup must use the bags. Residents of apartment complexes or condominiums with eight or more units will not have to buy bags, but will have to pay for each dumpster of trash that is collected.

Any inquiries, complaints or comments regarding Solid Waste collection services can be made by telephone at 228-2737 from 7:30AM to 5:00PM from Monday through Friday or may be emailed to generalservices@onconcord.com.

  Concord's refuse is taken to the Concord Regional Solid Waste Resource Recovery Facility in Penacook, NH. The facility is a waste-to-energy incinerator owned by the Wheelabrator Concord Co. LP. The City of Concord is one of the 27 towns that form the Concord Regional Solid Waste/Resource Recovery Cooperative.
Transfer Station and Recycling Center The transfer station is available to residents or commercial establishments within the 29 communities of the Concord Regional Solid Waste/Resource Recovery Cooperative. Waste will be weighed at the weigh station.
Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Call for dates and times. 230-3912
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