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Reopened and Ready to Serve the Community
     From Mike Cotton, The Merrimack Valley Voice

The RiverHill Grange

Did you know that you can use the Riverhill Grange for events such as baby showers, birthday parties, music performances and more? All it requires is a small donation. Email riverhillgrange@gmail.com or call 753-2181 for more details!

Entry to GrangeThe roots of the local Riverhill Grange run deep - back to 1935 when Mrs. Chelsey installed the first officers. The local chapter began with 31 charter members and secured the clear deed to their building around 1946. The Grange Hall is still located at 32 Horsehill Road in Penacook.

The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, now commonly referred to as the Grange, was founded in 1867 at the conclusion of the Civil War. It began as a fraternal organization for farmers that encouraged farm families to band together for their political and economical well-being. The Grange was a very progressive thinking group for that time in that they allowed women and teenagers to be equal members (four of the 16 elected positions must be held by women).

The group proved to be a formidable lobbyist in that they were instrumental in regulating the railroads and grain warehouses. Other causes supported by the Grange were the direct election of Senators and women’s suffrage. Susan B. Anthony’s last public appearance was at the National Grange Convention. In the 1890’s, the Grange lost a large portion of their membership to the Farmer’s Alliance, which eventually merged with the Democratic Party. During that time, political parties began to take up the causes of the Grange so local Granges turned their focus toward community service. The National and State Granges remained a political force. As the number of American farmers declined, Grange membership also decreased.

RiverHill GrangeThe Grange is nonpartisan and supports policies rather than political parties or candidates. The National Grange mission statement is

“The Grange provides opportunities for individuals and families to develop to their highest potential in order to build stronger communities and states, as well as a stronger nation.”

The local Grange chapter saw a period of inactivity during the early 2000’s and experienced a small renewal in 2004. After a successful membership drive in 2005, the Grange’s revitalization culminated with the induction of a new board and executive committee on August 11, 2009.


Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting and supporting the grange through their involvement in the group. Membership forms may be obtained by contacting the Grange.

The governing group believes that the schoolhouse turned Grange Hall is historically important to the community and is striving to keep the building available for community activities.

Rentals: The building is used for private and public events, for a donation. Please email Sara at sara_cutting@yahoo.com for more information regarding using the hall. [Penacook Village Association does NOT arrange rentals; please do not contact PVA for fees or availability.]

To involve citizens in enhancing the quality of life, protecting the historic character, and fostering economic vitality in Penacook Village.
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